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Inline Shower Filter Ireland

Shower Filter

Improve the Quality of your Hair

shower filters

Protect your hair and skin from the oxidant elements on tap water. When the Filtro Ducha shower filter is installed on your shower, it removes chlorine and other chemical elements in such a way that your essential skin and hair proteins don’t become whitewashed by the tap water.

This product is ideal for people wishing to shower in better water for their skin and hair to remove the dryness and irritation caused by chlorine and other chemicals in mains tap water. Supplied with two elbow shaped adaptors, this fantastic shower filter unit can easily attach to virtually any bath or shower in seconds enabling you to keep your existing showerhead and have the filtration occur in-line.

A unique feature of the shower filter is the removable cartridge system, enabling you to easily change the internal filter. There is a replaceable filter component inside the shower filter casing which can be easily removed and replaced in seconds. These replacement filters can be bought online from your online store and last for approximately 5 months in a two-person home.

This shower filter has consistently shown to help alleviate bad reactions to chlorine making it ideal for people with sensitive skin, including people with eczema, psoriasis and dry skin conditions. For people without these conditions, the shower filter leaves you with a moisturised feeling after showering by protecting your skin and hair from the oxidant elements in tap water, preserving the skins natural proteins.

This shower filter provides effective media to remove chlorine in high temperature shower water for chlorine-free showers. Fitting is ever-so simple and almost as easy as screwing on a light bulb!

  • Reduces up to 99.99% of chlorine
  • Reduces chemical absorption and vapour inhalation
  • Reduces up to 98% of water-soluble heavy metals
  • Less damage to hair and skin
  • Contains bacteriostatic media KDF 55

This shower filter does not require professional installation nor any specialized tools. Anyone can complete the installation DIY. It is advisable to change the filter cartridges after every 6 months to continue enjoying chlorine and hardness free water in your shower.

CWS Shower Filter – Installation Instructions 

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