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service your water filter


Water Filter Service 

A service should be carried out at least once every year on all water filtration equipment. The units need to be sanitised by trained engineers or you run the risk of bacteria growth. An annual service can avoid parts getting damaged, which can be very expensive.

Celtic Water Solutions service all makes & models of water filtration equipment, even units fitted by other companies. We made this decision based on the high quantity of calls being received from clients who had purchased equipment from other companies, some companies had ceased trading, while other clients just weren’t happy with the service they were receiving.

We service reverse osmosis systems, water coolers, water softeners, well water treatment filters, ultraviolet lights, water pumps, sewage treatment units and any other water filtration equipment available.

We can also repair damaged or neglected systems, and if the replacement parts aren’t available anymore, we will offer alternative replacements. Some of the big-name brands we service are Clack, Fleck, Autotrol, Pentair, Ionics, Gel, Osmonics, Trojan, Philips, Oasis, ACIS and many more.

If you require a service for your water filter, kindly submit the form and our staff will ring you back with available dates.

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