Water Coolers from Celtic Water Solutions

Your Office can save up to €1,000 per year!

Get an unlimited supply of refreshing drinking water with mains-fed water coolers from Celtic Water Solutions. Designed to provide convenient drinking water, our water coolers come in a variety of sizes and designs to complement any home or office. All you need is a mains supply with adequate pressure and what you get is an endless supply of chilled bottled like drinking water.

Water dispensers offer a sustainable way of providing your home, office, or workplace with fresh drinking water, eliminating the need for single-use plastic. Our water coolers are a perfect addition to any workspace needing high performance and elegance at the same time.

Over the course of 18 years, we have installed water dispensers and mains fed water coolers for a wide range of industry verticals including:

• Small & Large Offices
• Schools, Colleges and Universities
• Leisure
• Healthcare
• Hospitality

Our team of water experts will determine the best location to install the water cooler in your establishment taking several factors into consideration such as your office’s water consumption and proximity to the mains water supply.

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Contactless Hydration Solution

Stay safe whilst enjoying great-tasting water. Our electronic bottle fillers provide you with contactless clean and safe water, without the risk of touching buttons that could harbour dangerous pathogens.

Whether you’d like to buy a new water dispenser with a hands-free foot-operated pedal or upgrade your current machine, we can help.

Providing unrivalled water purity and hygiene for your workforce when you need it most, our hands-free solutions provide contactless access to clean, great-tasting water to keep you safely hydrated.

Our contactless auto-sensor bottle filling stations deliver rapid bottle filling in a touch-free way. Rapid refill helps reduce queues encouraging a smoother social distancing experience.

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The Right Choice for Your Office

Your employees deserve the best and so do you. Keep your employees hydrated, increase their productivity and foster a better working environment in a non-expensive way by adding a water cooler to your premise.

Our water dispensers are a source of dynamism, energy and performance for your employees, eliminating the sluggish effects of dehydration while our robust high-capacity models deliver the purest water possible all day long – no matter how many people are filling their cups.

Because of this, you will find them in schools, offices, hospitals, gyms, beauty salons, literally anywhere drinking water is needed.

Compared to bottled water coolers, mains fed coolers save a typical office of 10-25 employees up to €1,000 per year and bring many other benefits such as:

  • Fewer invoices to deal with.
  • No time wasted dealing with deliveries of bottled water.
  • Eliminates having to store, lift & carry heavy bottles.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Delivers high quality chilled water on demand.
  • Reduces the risk of drinking contaminated water.
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Saving the World from Bottled Water

Single-use plastic bottles are disastrous for the environment. Over the years, plastic bottles have evolved from miracle container to hated garbage.

Here at Celtic Water Solutions, we offer an affordable, efficient and attractive mains fed water coolers which dispense delicious filtered water from your water supply in a manner that has minimal impact on the environment!

Our filtered water coolers deliver an unlimited supply of delicious tasting water that you can dispense right from on your cooler. Fill reusable water bottles and take your chilled water on the go.

Why Choose Celtic Water Solutions?

Celtic Water Solutions is your one-stop-shop for all your water filtration needs. We supply and service a wide range of coolers that will match the needs of your workplace. Our water experts will provide the best advice and support so you have one less thing to worry about.

As a market leader in hydration industry, we have worked with top brands including IBM, PepsiCo, Diageo, and HSE among many more.

Our best in class range of products allows us to cater to all customers. Starting at mains fed water coolers, right up to water fountains and bottle filling stations capable of high-capacity output.

We also offer a maintenance program which includes maintenance, cleaning, and filter changes on a regular basis. Our fully managed program will bring peace of mind to you, your employees, and your customers.

Talk to our water experts to find the right product for your business.