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Welcome to Celtic Water Solutions
Celtic Water Solutions (CWS) is a leading water treatment company supplying domestic & commercial water softeners, drinking water filters, reverse osmosis systems, well water systems, water pumps, water coolers and many other water filtration systems throughout Ireland. We at CWS Water Solutions, aim to provide you with the best quality water possible.

Celtic Water Solutions have offices in Galway, Dublin & Mayo, and service technicians based nationwide servicing over 50,000 satisfied customers including the HSE, Dublin Airport, Aer Lingus, Mayo County Council, Diageo, IBM, and Thermo King.

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Services and Products
Water Softeners
At CWS we are committed to providing home owners with the best quality water softeners available. We supply, install and service a range of water softeners to suit your individual needs
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Reverse Osmosis
At CWS we provide an extensive range of reliable, highly specified reverse osmosis water filter systems. Reverse Osmosis Systems are used most commonly to purify drinking water.
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Water Filters
Here at CWS we offer a wide variety of filters and cartridges to remove chemicals and make your drinking water safe for consumption.We provide water solutions to a wide range of customers across Ireland.
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Water Coolers
We sell and service a large range of water coolers and drinking water fountains.The main advantage of our water coolers is that they can save a typical office of 10-25 employees up to €1,000 per year.
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What could be more convenient than hot, cold & purified drinking water from a single tap? Three way taps are an ideal way of plumbing in a filtered water supply without having to install a separate tap in the kitchen.
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Well Water Systems
At CWS our Water Systems improve the Water Quality in your premises, and also provide pure clean drinking water. We supply a wide range of well water systems including water softeners and Iron Removal Units.
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CWS Blog

The water that reaches you must pass several tests before it can be supplied to homes. Several treatment methods are employed to make it fit for use. Due to some reasons such as leakages or accidents, ...
Our Clients Say it Best

Don’t usually write reviews,CWS Customer Testominals but am so impressed by the new Clack water softener installed by Celtic Water Solutions, felt I had to. I did a significant amount of research regarding the different types on the market and came to the conclusion that the Clack system was the best….by a mile. We put up with hard water for the past 10 years (premature failure of white goods
Paul Stoneman, Drogheda, Co. Meath
I got your filters a month ago. The taste and the hardness of the water has improved hugely from day one. No more limescale, no more bad taste. When taking a shower, my skin feels now soft and silky, whereas before I always had this feeling of dryness on my face and arms. My girlfriend was quite skeptical at first, but then she changed her mind straight away. I would recommend it to everybody,
Eugenio Mazzitelli, Balbriggan
We here in Thermo King Galway began using Celtic Water Solutions two years ago for all our water treatment needs, including water softeners, water coolers, water testing, etc. Over the years Celtic Water Solutions have installed, and serviced our many water drinking fountains. Thermo King have just installed a new Ecoat painting system which was a $3,ooo,ooo dollar project. The water treatment p
Gerry Gannon, Maintenance Co-ordinator, Thermo King, Galway
Celtic Water provided us with a very simple and compact system. The results are great. Their installation technician was very professional and clearly explained all we needed to know about looking after the system.
Patrick Anthony, Co. Meath
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Senna 2.0 Compact
The Senna 2.0 series compact, space efficient reverse osmosis system is a modern stylish water filter system.
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Ecosoft Reverse Osmosis
Get pure & safe drinking water with Ecosoft Reverse Osmosis Water Filter with 6 stage filtration technology.
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Shower Filters
Shower filters removes chlorine and other chemical elements to provide perfect shower experience every time.
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