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Pentair Everpure S-100 Drinking Water System

Everpure makes the advanced performance of their commercial-grade filtration available for home use. The under-sink water filtration systems represent the ultimate in-home water care. Each cartridge is made with seamless, polymer-lined aluminium; not plastic, like other filtration systems.

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Pentair Everpure S-100 Drinking Water System | Water Filters | Celtic Water Solutions
Regular price €190.00
Regular price Sale price €190.00

On the inside, Everpure Micro-Pure precoat filtration technology delivers six times more filtering power and superior chlorine and particulate reduction. In fact, even our most affordable filtration system helps safeguard you and your family against harmful contaminants such as lead, cysts, and asbestos.

This Everpure under-sink drinking water system gives great tasting water – all you want, on-demand – for a cost that’s far less than bottled water.

  • Protects the filter system from splitting or bursting
  • Ideal for drinking and cooking purposes in your house or apartment
  • Convenient – Comes ready to install with a faucet
  • Premium Quality – Taste the difference: everything made with water will taste better: coffee, tea, flavoured water mix, juices, soups – even the ice cubes.

Effective in the removal of:

  • Bad taste & odours
  • Dirt & cloudiness
  • Giardia lamblia cysts
  • Entamoeba histolytica cysts
  • Cryptosporidium parvum cysts
  • Mold and algae
  • 99% of all particles ½ micron and larger in size


  1. The exclusive precoat technology combines Micro-Pure filtration media and a unique pleated filter membrane to reduce particles as small as ½ micron. This design offers the largest filtering surface area, longer filter life and consistent performance
  2. Everpure systems reduce contaminants, yet retain vital minerals found naturally in water. So the water tastes crisp, clean and refreshing
  3. Adsorbs common earthy, mouldy, fishy tastes, and odours
  4. Everpure’s signature metal canister, lined with a food-grade polymer, delivers commercial-grade durability and quality
  5. Built-in water shut off

Flow Rate                      1.9

Temperature               2-38°C
- cold water use only

Pressure                        0.7-8.6

Capacity                       5.670
L ( Approximately 1 year of water supply depending on family size and the
amount of water you drink)

County of Origin         USA