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Well Water Systems Ireland

Well Water Systems from CWS Water Solutions

Water Softeners, Iron & Manganese Removal Units, Ultra Violet Lights, & Filters

Here at CWS we supply a wide range of well water systems including water softeners, Iron & Manganese Removal Units, Ultra Violet Lights, & Drinking Water Filters. With water charges already an issue for business & commercial clients, and now also for domestic water users, more & more people are turning to well water and rain water harvesting for their needs. At CWS our Water Systems improve the Water Quality in a your premises, and also provide pure clean drinking water. CWS Water Systems remove all existing contaminants in water reducing the concentration levels of the contaminated water rendering the water fit for use.

Well water or any other type of naturally sourced raw water in Ireland can leave the end user with many different issues, so it is essential that accurate water analysis is carried out prior to the water treatment equipment selection. Well water quality can vary throughout the year depending on the weather, eg. heavy rainfall or dry spells. The domestic water treatment process is where you remove minerals, such as lime, iron, manganese, sulphur, colour and turbidity or bacteria. This is generally performed by a water softener to protect appliances like glass washers, steam ovens, washing machines, showers, etc. Water treatment needs to be done by a water treatment specialist.

EPA Recommendations For Well Water Treatment

If your water is supplied by a private well, it’s vitally important that you are aware of the contaminants in water that you should test for. This allows us to provide the correct water filter system that will remove the water contaminates. The majority of wells today have become contaminated by our waste water, agriculture, or air pollution & acid rain. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) recommends periodic testing of well water for total coliform bacteria, nitrates and lead.

You can even save upto 75% on your well water treatment job through well water grants. If your house is more than 7 years old & you do not have access to individual or group water scheme, you can qualify for this grant. To know more more about well water grants, reach out to our expert team and we will be more than happy to assist you throughout the process.

Do I Qualify?

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Buying a Water Purification System

If you are looking to buy a water system it is important to seek advice. No one type of water system can treat all water so it is important to choose the right water filter systems at the start. At CWS we will go through your water test results or test your water to ensure you purchase the correct water system for you. Water purification removes contaminants from untreated water to produce drinking water that is pure enough for its intended use, most commonly human consumption. Water purification includes removal of substances such as, minerals, bacteria, algae, viruses, suspended solids and chemicals.

Buying a Drinking Water System

Many people dislike their tap water or worry about contaminants and this has proven to be something worth worrying about in recent times with many outbreaks of bacteria in water supplies throughout Ireland. The only alternative known to most people until now, was bottled water or a jug filter. However, with businesses making the cost effective move to plumbed in water filters, replacing bottled water, home owners are now realising that domestic plumbed in water systems are available to them providing clean, pure drinking water. Water filters are very cost effective and fit in neatly under your kitchen sink. At CWS we supply only the best makes and models of water filters. We also supply replacement water filter cartridges for most water treatment equipment. We supply Reverse Osmosis Water Systems or Ultra Filtration Water Systems and Carbon Water Filters.