Collection: Commercial Water Systems

Commercial Water Treatment

Delivering the best water treatment for your business

Owing to its natural composition, tap water cannot be used for commercial purposes, industrial operations, or high-quality products. The quality standards for the water to be used are extremely high and variable depending on the application. To satisfy these rising demands and stay at the top of your game, water treatment must always be sustainable and reliable. At Celtic Water Solutions, delivering solutions is what we do and it’s in our name. With nearly 2 decades of immense experience in delivering water systems for commercial & industrial applications, we provide your business with clean water efficiently. As Ireland’s No. 1 water treatment company, we can design and install water systems helping businesses improve their overall water quality. A wide range of businesses rely on our expertise to provide the purest and best tasting water for their organisations business needs. Our experienced team works closely with you to understand your requirements and deliver a customised solution.

cws duplex water softener

Commercial Water Softeners

CWS offers industrial and commercial water softeners helping our customers to reduce operating costs and protect their critical assets. All our commercial water softeners combine design simplicity and rugged construction to ensure many years of reliable service. Our range of water softeners come with a fully adjustable expandable control valve that can be set up in duplex, triplex or progressive flow configurations. Find out more...

ecosoft commercial reverse osmosis series

Commercial Reverse Osmosis

Designed to meet demanding commercial and industrial applications, commercial reverse osmosis systems from CWS offer a cost-effective & sustainable solution to delivering high purity water for boiler feed, contaminant reduction, and other processes. Our reverse osmosis systems deliver high flow rates ranging from 1000 litres/day to 24000 litres/day depending on your requirements. Find out more...

commercial UV Viqua SHF-290

UV Treatment

UV disinfection systems are an economical, chemical-free and environmental way to safeguard drinking water against harmful bacteria. These units are designed to provide years of trouble-free operation with minimal maintenance. Our diverse range of ultraviolet filters can easily treat low flows up to hundreds of gallons per minute. Find out more...