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Water Tank Cleaning and Disinfection

Commercial & Residential Water Tank Cleaning Service

Prevent the proliferation of micro-organisms such as Legionella in water systems

Have you ever noticed dirty water coming out from your tap? While you would’ve let it run for a while till it clears out, you may not be aware that the same dirty water feeds all hot and cold taps.

Over time, cold water tanks and attic tanks become dirty with debris, limescale, sediments, mold, rust, and corrosion which builds ups a tough residue at the bottom. If your water tank is exposed without a lid, foreign bodies such as spiders, woodlice, and flies could end up being in your storage tank. These unwanted creatures create a perfect breeding ground for bacteria such as Legionella and E.Coli.

Why do you need to clean and disinfect your water tank?

Water tank cleaning is paramount to ensuring hygiene and Legionella control, something to be taken seriously both residentially and commercially. If you are in the business where water is supplied for cooking, drinking or cleaning; it is a legal requirement to comply with Legionella risk assessment. The negative publicity due to health problems from dirty water tank could pose risk to your business’s hard-earned reputation.

It is equally important for homes to maintain the cleanliness of their attic tanks. If these tanks are not cleaned regularly, dirt and sediment can impact your pipes, plumbing fixtures and even the water filtration systems you might have in place already.

Why choose Celtic Water Solutions?

CWS offers a range of water tank cleaning services & pipework disinfection. CWS also offers planned, preventive maintenance programmes designed to control and prevent the proliferation of pathogenic micro-organisms such as Legionella in water systems and other stored supplies.

A key aspect of the control of Legionella in water systems is to maintain the cleanliness of all water systems. Regular monitoring of hot and cold water storage vessels and their systems is required to identify the presence of calcium carbonate scale, sediment, bio-films and signs of corrosion. Neglected water tanks and systems are high-risk areas for the proliferation of bacteria including Legionella pneumophilia, as they thrive in contaminated or stagnant conditions. When water droplets from these sources are disseminated and breathed-in this can result in the spread of Legionnaires disease.

A regular, comprehensive physical and chemical cleaning of these systems will limit the potential for high bacteria counts and followed by regular monitoring will ensure employers comply with codes of practice, whilst protecting their staff, customers and the public.

With almost 2 decades of experience in the water treatment industry, we are one of the first choices when it comes to water tank cleaning & disinfection anywhere in Ireland. We have our experienced staff in every major county including Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick, Wexford, Monaghan, and Sligo. Over the years, we’ve worked with hundreds of clients in hospitality, medical, and retail industry.

Our cleaning process:

• Draining and cleaning the tank
• Disinfecting its walls
• Chlorinating the walls
• Refilling the tank after cleaning

What are the prices for water tank cleaning & disinfection services?

The cost of cleaning the tank will depend on the number and size of the tanks. Small attic tanks can cost you anywhere between €200 – €450 while larger cold storage tanks normally cost around €500 – €2000.

Before & After Pictures of Water Tank Cleaning

tank cleaning sectional tank

tank cleaning before after

attic tank cleaning

commercial tank cleaning
Are you looking for a water tank cleaning service in Ireland? Look no further, just contact us. We’re just a call away!

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