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At CWS we provide an extensive range of reliable, highly specified reverse osmosis water filter systems.

Water Cooler Systems Ireland


Water Coolers from Celtic Water Solutions

An Office of 10-25 employees can SAVE up to €1,000 per year.

At CWS we have a specialised team dedicated to providing healthy drinking water for the workplace.

We sell and service a large range of water coolers and drinking water fountains. A Point Of Use (POU) cooler or Plumbed In Water Cooler is one that takes your mains water and puts it through a series of filters (purification assembly) which when done correctly allows you to have water much purer than any of the bottled water dispensing coolers can provide. This offers you unlimited water, so your employees never run out of cool pure drinking water.

Benefits Of Plumbed In Office Water Coolers

The main advantage of these water coolers when compared to a bottled dispenser is that they can save a typical office of 10-25 employees up to €1,000 per year. We offer you the choice to rent the equipment, or purchase it outright. If purchased outright we can offer you a maintenance agreement. With rented units it’s included in your rent. We offer scheduled sanitation twice annually, including replacement of purification assembly.

It has being proven by many different surveys that when employees drink adequate amounts of pure drinking water that their levels of concentration and work rate stay at a much higher level than employees that suffer dehydration of even 1 – 2%. This can cost a company both in terms of lost productivity and ultimately money. Everyone knows that they should drink at least 8 glasses of pure water. As you can see, providing pure water in the workplace is a very wise move as an employer.

Other advantages of Point Of Use (POU) Water Coolers and Water Cooler Systems are:

  • WRAS Approved Water CoolerLess invoices to deal with.
  • No time wasted dealing with deliveries of bottled water.
  • Eliminates having to store, lift & carry heavy bottles.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Delivers high quality chilled water on demand.
  • Reduces the risk of drinking contaminated water.

Types Of Business | Office Water Coolers

Water Cooler Systems can come in many different shapes and sizes. These vary from freestanding to counter-top coolers, and even as drinking fountains. They can provide room temperature, ice cold and even boiling water so that they suit any location and meet all your demands. Because of this, you will find them in schools, offices, hospitals, gyms, beauty saloons, literally anywhere drinking water is needed.

 advantages of Point Of Use (POU) Water Coolers

CWS Water Cooler Range Includes:

Oasis KaliX Water Cooler Range

The Aquarius Filtered Water Cooler

Oasis ONYX Water Cooler

Drinking Water Fountains

Wall mounted Drinking Fountain

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