By Doulton

Doulton Ultracarb Imperial OBE

Doulton Imperial Ultracarb OBE Filter has all the features of the Sterasyl and Supercarb plus activated carbon block with ATS resin, lead reduction, chlorine reduction and organics reduction capabilities.

Doulton Imperial OBE is open on both ends (OBE) and fits in standard 10-inch filter housings.

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Doulton Ultracarb Imperial OBE | Water Filters | Celtic Water Solutions
Regular price €57.00
Regular price Sale price €57.00

The 10″ Imperial Ultracarb ceramic filter is manufactured with the highly consistent and controlled pore structure necessary to remove a wide range of waterborne contaminants over the life of the ceramic cartridge.

In addition, fine particulate matter, bacteria, cysts, and turbidity are removed to a high level of efficiency.

Weight                       0.626

Part Number            W9223006

Range                        OBE
Cartridge – plastic mount and rubber washer at both ends

Length                        9
¾ inches (248mm)

Diameter                  2
¾ inches (67mm)

FRANKE                      Not
compatible with FRANKE housings

Filter Performance          Micro filtration of Bacteria, Cysts, Particles.
Chlorine, Organics.