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Stella Reverse Osmosis

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Stella reverse osmosis system is one of our most popular water filtration systems. This super quality 5-stage RO system offers the very best filtration technology by removing virtually every impurity present in the water.

As reverse osmosis technology eliminates everything out of your water (including good minerals), you’re left with nothing in your water. This just isn’t the case with Stella reverse osmosis system, as it adds back essential minerals back into your water for that enhanced taste.

Stella combines style and power into one compact water filter that can be installed right under your kitchen sink. The system offers additional space in the form of a flat top with a short rim to hold some bottles, glass or soft drink cans. This means you can utilize maximum space under your kitchen sink. Moreover, when you open your cabinet, you won’t be welcomed by a bunch of pipes falling out of your filtration system. Needless to say, these features make this water filter one of our best-selling units.

The water produced is perfect for cooking and washing fruit, making coffee or tea, preparing feeding bottles, making ice cubes, steam irons, aquariums, delicate plants, etc.

Multi Stage Filtration for Ultimate Purity

Stage 1

Removes large (more than 5 microns) particles of mechanical impurities (silt, sand, rust, scale).

Stage 2

Removes chlorine, organic and organochlorine compounds (pesticides, dioxides, etc.). As a result, the taste, colour and odour of water is improved.

Stage 3

Fine cleaning of mechanical and organic impurities.

Stage 4

The pre-cleaned water under pressure is passed through a membrane. It removes contaminants such as fluoride, heavy metals, cysts, minerals ions and much more.

Stage 5

Post carbon cartridge absorbs the gases dissolved in water and gives the water a pleasant and natural taste.

Stage 6

Water is enriched with vital minerals.

Fits Perfectly Under a Kitchen Sink

Stella Reverse Osmosis provides filtered drinking water on demand, with no waiting around for the filtration process to run its course, as there is with pitchers.

This drinking water system can be easily installed under the sink to provide pure and great tasting water and not take up valuable countertop space.

For large families who tend to use a lot of filtered drinking or cooking water, this system can quietly deliver anywhere from 150-180 litres of water every day.

After installation of the Stella RO system you will notice an immediate difference in the quality and taste of your water and improved clarity and taste of teas and coffees plus zero limescale in your kettle.

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Separate Tap Included

All of our reverse osmosis water filters come with a separate drinking water tap. 

This single lever tap comes as standard with Stella RO System and goes to one side of your existing mains tap.

We also offer an option to upgrade your existing kitchen tap with our Tri-Flow taps. These taps are elegantly designed to deliver hot, cold, and filtered water from a single tap without the need to have a standalone filter tap.

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Benefits of Stella Reverse Osmosis

  • Enjoy Great Tasting Water

    Get clean and healthy drinking water without harmful contaminants such as contaminants chlorine, fluoride, microplastics, arsenic, lead, cysts, and more.

  • Save Money on Bottled Water

    Save almost €400 every year when you make a switch from bottled water to reverse osmosis water. At the same time, reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Adds Minerals to Water

    Remove contaminants while retaining beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium for healthier, delicious water.

  • Eco-Friendly

    Swapping bottled water for filtered water offers a more economical way to be kinder to the environment. Minimal disposal plastic parts and no more single-use plastic water bottles.

  • Enrich Your Meals

    Filtered water produces more natural flavors for amazing results in the kitchen. Washing and cooking vegetables in filtered water will make meals taste better and look more appealing.

  • Enjoy Top Quality Beverages

    The taste of hot and cold drinks is greatly improved when you use filtered water. With less chlorine and water hardness, you and your family can enjoy great-tasting hot and cold drinks every day.

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