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Oasis KaliX Water Cooler

The Kalix Contactless is a fully contactless mains-fed cooler, using advanced infrared sensors for an accessible and hygienic activation. Eliminating the traditional touch-button; Kalix Contactless prevents the cross-contamination of pathogens and viruses.

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The intuitive gesture-based activation interface provides users with quick and easy access to refreshing water.

This machine is able to produce up to 240 cups of chilled water per hour thanks to Pressure Vessel Direct Chill technology, making it an ideal water appliance for high usage environments.

The stylish silver and black design looks brilliant in a variety of office environments.

Mechanical auto drain system is another great feature of KaliX water cooler that helps prevent overflowing drip trays.




Enjoy the Benefits

  • Hands-free contactless design
  • Unlimited supply of drinking water at demand
  • No need to worry about refilling it
  • Eliminates large water bottles & frees up storage space
  • Simple and easy to maintain
  • Saves you lot of money
  • Ideal for workplaces with high water consumption
  • Effortless servicing and sanitization

Key Features

100% Contactless

Introduce the ultimate safe & hygienic drinking water experience to your office with this complete touch-free controls.

Large Dispense Area

Spacious water dispensing area allows for bottles and carafes to sit beneath the dispenser with ease and stability.

Elegant Design

Modern, robust, and stylish addition to any office environment.

The ultimate 100% hygienic water cooler. This water cooler is equipped with a contactless gesture controlled dispense to reduce the spread of germs, providing safe and hygienic drinking water all day long. The sensors provides a touch-free design meaning that zero hand contact is required to dispense the water, eliminating cross contamination between users, ideal for busy environments.



320W x 380D x 1120H mm

Water options

Ambient and Cold

Hot and Cold


Ambient and cold 23.4kg

Hot and cold 24.6kg

Power requirement

50 Hz / 220-240 V

Maximum power consumption

Ambient and cold 100W


Chilled 2-10°C

Litres per hour

Chilled 20L

Tank capacity


Sensor coverage

Up to 18cm (approx.)

Alcove height


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