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Doulton Limescale Reduction Cartridge

Doulton CleanSoft Limescale Reduction Filter is designed to help prevent the damaging effects of hard water on your kitchen and bathroom appliances. This will reduce temporary hardness in drinking water, reduce limescale build-up in kettles and prevent an unpleasant film from forming on the surface of the tea.

An effective WRAS-approved limescale water filter containing a highly effective ion exchange media to also help reduce the unpleasant chalky taste often experienced with hard water.

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Doulton Limescale Reduction Cartridge | Water Filter Cartridges | Celtic Water Solutions
Regular price €51.00
Regular price Sale price €51.00

For use within a multi filtration system including our Dual Countertop system and our Dual Undercounter system. Cannot be used in a single chamber system. Pair our limescale reduction filter with our ceramic filter element to achieve clean, tasty filtered drinking water.

Our range of water treatment cartridges has been created by experts for those who require additional water filtration technology to help target specific water concerns.

Weight                           0.326

Part Number                W9125010

Dimensions                  Height:
10 inches (254 mm) Diameter: 2 inches (49 mm)

Range                             BSP
Short (3/4″ / 19mm) Threaded Mount

System                          Pressure