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Inline Water Filters - Set of 2

Omnipure replacement undersink water filter set. Ideal as fridge freezer replacements. Easy installation using simple connectors. Removes or reduces taste & odours from drinking water.

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Inline Water Filters - Set of 2 | Fridge Filters | Celtic Water Solutions
Regular price €30.00
Regular price Sale price €30.00

As a budget solution, Omnipire K2533JJ is an excellent product. It’s efficient and will fit the majority of fridge models. It comes with quick-connect fittings that make it a breeze to install, and it can be installed without the need for tools or technical training.

This is because you’ll no longer have to buy bottled water or countertop water filters once you’ve installed this fantastic product. Another aspect of this model is the fact that it comes with push fittings that are incredibly easy to use. This makes installation a simple process, and it helps when you need to change the filter cartridges.

Filter capacity 2,000 litres or 6 Months.


Length 10″

Diameter 2″

Can be used as a replacement filter for any  1/4″ tube systems.

This unit comes as standard with 1/4″ fittings on each end.