EWT G5 Pumped Reverse Osmosis & Installation

  • Ideal for households with mains pressures under 3 bar
  • Effectively reduces 99% of contaminants
  • 7.9 L/hour or 190L/day of drinking water
  • Provides refreshing crisp taste, superior to bottled water
  • Modern chrome tap and up to 7L storage tank
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Cost-effective and highly efficient
Regular price €450.00
Regular price €500.00 Sale price €450.00
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EWT G5 Pumped Reverse Osmosis & Installation | Reverse Osmosis Systems | Celtic Water Solutions
Regular price €450.00
Regular price €500.00 Sale price €450.00

Why Choose EWT

Book in today and you’ll have your installation date in 4-10 working days. We’ll send you a text with a date and time for an appointment. Don’t worry if it doesn’t suit, just reply and we’ll reschedule a new date for you.

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Drinking water system features 5 stages of filtration


Reduces dirt, sediment, rust, sand, and other particles.


Reduces chlorine, unpleasant taste and odours. Protects and extends reverse osmosis membrane service life.


Final fine cleaning. Removes particles larger than 1 micron.


Splits water into clean and wastewater, sending 99% of all impurities, such as heavy metals, pesticides, nitrates, microplastics, bacteria etc to waste.


Final polishing process to enhance clarity and freshness.

Operating Parameters

  • Water source: municipal or pre-treated well water.
  • Feed water quality/TDS: <1500ppm
  • Inlet water temperature: 4-30 degrees C
  • Inlet water pressure: <3 bar*
  • Inlet pH Range: 6.50-8.50
  • Maximum Iron: <0.3ppm

*RO systems require pressure to operate. Variations in pressure either too high or low can cause changes in purified water quality. RO systems can operate with a minimum pressure of 3 bar although 4 bar is more ideal. Systems should also be limited so that they do not exceed the maximum 6 bar operating pressure. This is normally done with a pressure reducing valve. A pumped RO system is a better choice in low mains pressure areas.

Accessories included with the system

  • Feed water adapter, feed valve, drain saddle.
  • Pressure tank (total vol. 12 L/3.2 gal, usable vol. up to 7 L/1.8 gal).
  • Colour tubes for easy installation.
  • Chrome filtered water faucet.
  • Service wrenches.
  • User manual.

Filtered Water with Remineralisation

Removes 99.99% of over 1,000 different contaminants

Get updates on the EWT Water mobile app to know when your next filter change is due

Pumped for quick and easy water dispensing

Save over €600 per year from bottled water and saving the environment along the way too

Using an alkaline remineralisation filter to add minerals back in to your water

Hydration redefined – The pure delicious taste of EWT water

  • Great Tasting & Filtered Water

    Depending on which system you choose it’ll remove different contaminants from your water but all systems will give you great tasting and filtered water.

  • Free Professional Installation

    Your softener installation is included in the package price and will be carried out by a fully qualified professional installer. It’s a quick and easy process that usually takes 2-3 hours.

  • Save Money & The Environment

    Help save the environment by reducing the amount of plastic bottle water you buy and save money in the process too.  You will also be covered by a 10 year parts warranty.

Consistently exceptional experiences

  • Edward Tominaga

    Highly recommend

  • Paul Mccarthy

    Efficient and fast would highly recommend. James is clean and fast at his job as well.

  • Nigel Stanley

    Absolutely delighted with the water softener we got installed at our home with Celtic Water Solutions. Immediate results seen and would highly recommend if living within a limestone-heavy region like ourselves.

  • Aldrin George

    Excellent communication,Very Professional,Quick response,Punctuality,Neat and tidy work,Sales representative.Highly recommended.

  • Patrick Loftus

    Brilliant service from CWS. I had a problem due to too much mains water pressure. A very quick service/fix was arranged thanks to one of the very helpful ladies in the office. The serviceman was gentleman and very quick to fix my problem.

Easy Online Checkout

Use our simple checkout to order your drinking water system. We also give you 60 days money back guarantee and 10 year parts warranty included with every system.

Get Booked In

Once you’ve checked out, our system will set you up with an install and send you and SMS to confirm the date and time. This usually takes a day or two.

Get Your Professional Installation

On the day of your installation our professional installer will arrive with everything that’s necessary after the install. Your won’t have to worry about a thing. All you have to do is offer him a cup of tea.

Now Enjoy The Benefits

Enjoy the many benefits an EWT gold series drinking water system gives you. Benefits such as such as great tasting and filtered water on tap, savings on buying plastic bottled water and saving the environment.