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Doulton Tap Filter

Doulton Tap Filter is an affordable faucet water filter providing filtered water on demand for cooking or drinking purposes. With tool-free installation, there’s never been an easier way to drink great-tasting water.

Activated carbon filter cartridge removes chlorine, bad taste, odour and other contaminants from water.

Doulton Tap Filter comes with a white plastic exterior with a plastic chrome fitting that can accent existing stainless steel or chrome plumbing. It’s compatible with standard kitchen faucets and requires no tools to install. However, this filter won’t connect to pull-out or handheld faucets, including sprayer hoses.

Filters can be changed with ease in a quick & simple way.

Once you’ve installed the water filter tap attachment, all you have to do to switch from tap water to filtered water is move the lever. Each cartridge filters up to 500 litres of water – expected to last 2-3 months (depending on incoming water quality).


  • Easy & Quick installation
  • Simple Design
  • On/Off Lever – Switch between filtered and unfiltered water
  • High filtration capacity
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Doulton Tap Filter | Water Filter Cartridges | Celtic Water Solutions
Regular price €45.00
Regular price Sale price €45.00

Incompatible Tap Types:

  • Spray Type Tap
  • Taps with irregular outlet shape

Performance Attributes

Filter Material Activated carbon
Number of Filter Candles 1
Recommended Flow Rate Water 2 L/min
Temperature 5 -45°C