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Doulton HCP Duo

Doulton HCP DUO is a countertop multistage filtration system designed for those who require additional water filtration technology to help target specific water concerns.

Pair our ceramic filter element with a water treatment cartridge of your choice for clean, tasty filtered drinking water.

The DUO system is made from food-grade plastic, durable, simple to maintain and wholly reliable.

All countertop systems connect to an existing tap and are designed to sit next to a sink on a kitchen counter or a work surface. Any kitchen, anywhere! Extremely easy to install and uninstall and no need for permanent installation. Perfect for those in rented accommodation or anyone who is frequently on the move but desires the benefits of clean, tasty filtered drinking water.

Available to buy in 3 options:

1. Doulton Ultracarb + Fluoride Reduction
2. Doulton Ultracarb + Sediment Reduction
3. Doulton Ultracarb SI + Fluoride Reduction

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Sale price €190.00
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Choose Filter Elements: Ultracarb + Fluoride Reduction
Doulton HCP Duo | Water Filters | Celtic Water Solutions
Regular price €190.00
Sale price €190.00

Doulton Ultracarb - Removes chlorine, bacteria, cysts, particles, organics, lead etc.

Doulton Ultracarb SI - All benefits of Doulton Ultracarb + reduction of scale deposits

Doulton Fluoride Reduction Cartridge - Reduces fluoride

Doulton Sediment Reduction Cartridge - Reduces sediments

Performance Attributes

Weight 1.83 kg
Colour White
Dimensions Height: 330mm Width: 100mm
Material Food Grade Plastic
Number of Filter Candles 2
Connections 3/8 inch push fit inlet suitable for connection to flexible plastic pipe
Flow Rate 300L/hour