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Doulton HCP

Doulton HCP is designed to sit next to a sink on a counter or work surface – any kitchen, anywhere. The HCP gives you the freedom and reassurance to travel from location to location without compromising on the quality of your water. Perfect for those in rented accommodation or anyone who is frequently on the move.

€100.00 - €110.00
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Choose Filter Element: Doulton Ultracarb
Regular price €100.00
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Doulton HCP | Water Filters | Celtic Water Solutions
Regular price €100.00
Regular price Sale price €100.00

Doulton Ultracarb - Removes chlorine, bacteria, cysts, particles, organics, lead etc.

Doulton Ultracarb SI - All benefits of Doulton Ultracarb + reduction of scale deposits

Performance Attributes

Weight 1.3 kg
Colour White
Dimensions Height: 337mm Width: 157mm
Material Food Grade Plastic
Number of Filter Candles 1
Filter Candle Type 10 inches long x 2 inches in diameter (254 x 49mm) M12 mount
Connections Diverter valve fits onto most common threaded kitchen taps
Flow Rate 300L/hour