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Doulton EcoFast (Complete System)

Doulton EcoFast is a compact & quick change drinking water filter with an auto shut-off valve.

Fitted with a long-life ceramic filter to provide you with refreshingly clean drinking water on tap.

Changing the ceramic filter is easy: a quarter-turn of the housing body automatically shuts off the water supply. You can then change your Doulton® water filter element without any tools required.

All our water filter systems under the sink have a compact, space-saving design. Fit to your mains cold water pipe underneath the counter for a discrete solution to drinking water filtration for homeowners and families.

Doulton EcoFast comes with Ultracarb which is effective in the removal of chlorine, bacteria, cysts, particles, organics, lead etc.



Included in The Kit:

  1. Doulton EcoFast Housing
  2. One Filter Candle (Doulton Ultracarb)
  3. Bracket & Screws
  4. Separate Tap
  5. Adapter & Tubes
€180.00 - €270.00
Tax included.
Installation: No Installation
Regular price €180.00
Regular price Sale price €180.00
Doulton EcoFast (Complete System) | Water Filter Housing | Celtic Water Solutions
Regular price €180.00
Regular price Sale price €180.00


  1. Compact, stylish design to fit discretely under the kitchen counter
  2. Mounting bracket integrated into the housing
  3. All necessary mounting fixings supplied
  4. 3/8″ push fittings integrated into the head for rapid connection
  5. 12 month ceramic filter life under typical operation conditions
  6. Doulton Ceramic Filter Candle can be quickly removed & replaced


Performance Attributes

Weight 1.15 kg
Dimensions Height: 361 mm Width: 107mm
Material Food Grade Plastic
Number of Filter Candles 1
Connections 3/8 inch push fit inlet suitable for connection to flexible plastic pipe
Flow Rate 300 L/hr