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Doulton HIP DUO

The Doulton HIP DUO is a 2 stage filter system designed for those who require additional water filtration technology to help target specific water concerns.

Stage 1 gives the flexibility for you to customise the system to your requirements, with a pre-filter cartridge (a fluoride or a limescale reduction cartridge). Stage 2 uses Doulton Ultracarb, a ceramic filter candle.

Doulton HIP DUO can be installed under a kitchen sink and gives excellent filtration chlorine, cryptosporidium, cysts, giardia and micro-organisms from your tap water keeping the essential minerals intact.

Available to buy in 2 options:

  1. Doulton Ultracarb + Doulton Fluoride Reduction Cartridge
  2. Doulton Ultracarb + Doulton Limescale Reduction Cartridge

Included in The Kit:

  1. Doulton HIP DUO Housing
  2. Two filter candles – Doulton Ultracarb and another filter of your choice (limescale reduction or fluoride reduction)
  3. Installation Kit
  4. Separate Tap
€290.00 - €380.00
Tax included.
Choose Filters: Ultracarb + Fluoride Reduction Cartridge
Installation: No-Installation
Regular price €290.00
Regular price Sale price €290.00
Doulton HIP DUO | Water Filters | Celtic Water Solutions
Regular price €290.00
Regular price Sale price €290.00

Doulton Ultracarb - Removes chlorine, bacteria, cysts, particles, organics, lead etc.

Doulton Limescale Reduction Cartridge - Reduces scale deposits

Doulton Fluoride Reduction Cartridge - Reduces fluoride

As standard, the DUO takes filter candles which are 10 inches long, 2 inches in diameter, with a short mount. Both inlet and outlet are 3/8 inch push fit connections suitable for 3/8 flexible plastic pipe.

Weight 1.4 kg

Colour White

Dimensions Height: 332 mm Width: 136 mm

Material Food Grade Plastic

Number of Filter Candles 1

Connections 3/8 inch push fit inlet suitable for connection to flexible plastic pipe

Connections 300 L/hr