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Water Systems

Our mission is to provide you with healthy water the way nature intended. Bad tastes, odours, disinfectants, heavy metals, fluoride and more, can all be solved by using our reliable systems

Product Overview

We supply a comprehensive range of quality products and services to meet the needs of the clients, whether they are from a domestic or a commercial background. As leading providers of water treatment products and services we offer not only our fantastic products but also superb service and long term warranties, all at affordable prices. Filtering your water with our systems will give you crystal clear great tasting and healthy purified water, a clean kettle and scum and oily film-free tea and coffee. You can have chlorine and chemical-free showers and baths which we find can completely solve bad reactions to these chemicals and give you softer skin and hair. There are huge benefits in removing lime scale build-up and copper corrosion due to chlorine, which is the leading cause of break down of boilers, dishwashers and your other expensive home appliances. Water Softeners Celtic Water Solutions water softeners completely eliminate limescale and soap scum, by providing beautifully soft water to the whole house, 24 hours a day. Reverse Osmosis Water Filters What would be simpler than freshly filtered flowing water straight from you tap? Our reverse osmosis water filters do just that. Ultra Violet Sterilisers Ensure safe, contaminant free water by ultra violet sterilisation. Well Water Filtration Systems offered by CWS can help improve the taste and smell of the water while removing potentially dangerous chemicals. Along with the above we also provide more specialist water solutions for the domestic and commercial market for the removal of a wide range of water contaminants including iron, lime, odour, colour, turbidity, bacteria and cryptosporidium.

Why Choose Celtic Water Solutions:

We will solve your water quality problems efficiently whilst providing you with the highest quality service. Celtic Water Solutions pride ourselves in providing the best quality service in the industry and always go the extra mile to ensure your need are fully met and expectations exceeded. From expert advice to our installation service, you can be sure you are dealing with an ultra-professional company who truly values your business.