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The Water Softener Trusted by 50,000+ People

100% Limescale Removal Solution

Are you fed of limescale in your home?

Has limescale destroyed your shower heads & kettles?

Does your skin feel irritated & dry?

Does your hair feel dull, brittle and unmanageable?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions, you might be suffering from hard water problem in your home.

But don't worry. We have the ultimate solution to your problem.

CWS Clack Water Softener is the trusted and proven solution to eliminate 100% limescale.

Solve the limescale problem in your house with CWS Clack Water Softener. It will adapt to all your home’s water demands and eliminate 100% limescale in the house.

Celtic Water Solutions offers a wide range of customizable and professionally installed water softeners to fit every home and budget.

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Our Water Softener Package

  • CWS Clack Cabinet Water Softener
  • Free – Drinking Water System (worth €120)
  • Free – Drinking Water Tap (worth €65)
  • Free – 25kg of Regeneration Salt
  • Free Installation
  • 35% More Salt Efficiency
  • Uses 75% Less Water
  • Better performance than any other water softener in Ireland
  • Two Installation Options (Under Kitchen Sink/Outside your home)
  • 10 Year Warranty on Clack Valve

We recommend talking to us to get the best advice on the size of water softener you require. We can also advise where you should install a softening system in your house, average maintenance costs, and the installation process.

And the good part is that the consultation is completely free of charge. Book Your Consultation