Benefits Of Water Softeners: Give Your Family the Water They Deserve!

Hard water problems can be a real hassle, especially for new homeowners who may be unfamiliar with the issues it causes. Solving those problems can vastly improve your family’s quality of life and get things back to normal again.

Hard water is not kind to your plumbing system. Repeated exposure to hard water will cause limescale to build up on appliances, clog pipework and shoot up energy costs.

Celtic Water Solutions is your go-to company for No.1 selling water softener in Ireland. Experience the benefits of soft water for your home and health with CWS Clack Water Softener.

Explore Benefits of Water Softener

Soft water provides so many benefits to your home and family, from a shiny kitchen and bathroom to being soft on skin and hair.

  • 100% limescale removal from the home.
  • Better cleaning from the washing machine.
  • Softer skin and luxuriously silky hair
  • Up to 50% savings on monthly energy costs
  • Long life of all water appliances such as electric kettles, coffee machines, dishwashers, water heaters and laundry equipment.
  • Suitable with homes with up to 2-8 people
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We offer free installation with all our systems. A water softener unit is usually fitted under the kitchen sink, our installation experts will recommend a convenient solution for you and your home.

Other common locations include:

  • Garage
  • Outside wall
  • Utility room

Our installers are all trained to the highest standards and experienced in fitting water softeners in all of these situations.

It usually takes 2-3 hours, though our plumbers never rush – we make sure they have time to do a good, robust and tidy job.

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Our Popular Water Softener Package

  • CWS Clack Cabinet Water Softener
  • Free – Drinking Water System (worth €120)
  • Free – Drinking Water Tap (worth €65)
  • Free – 25kg of Regeneration Salt
  • Free Installation
  • 35% More Salt Efficiency
  • Better performance than any other water softener in Ireland
  • Two Installation Options (Under Kitchen Sink/Outside your home)
  • 10 Year Warranty on Clack Valve
  • 24×7 Support

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