Water Hardness in LEITRIM


Parts per Million (PPM)

Recommended Products for Your Home

  • Well Treatment Systems

    If you rely on a private water source such as a well or river, then water quality may change throughout the year depending on environmental and man-made factors. 

    Remove bacteria, iron, manganese, sulphur etc from your water with our range of specialist well treatment systems.

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  • Ecosoft 6 Stage Reverse Osmosis

    Don’t like the taste of water? Drink only the best quality of water that costs just 2c per litre and saves almost €400 on bottled water every year.

    Ecosoft 6 stage reverse osmosis system is designed to remove over 99% of known contaminants such as chlorine, fluoride, lead, organic material and much more and also adds healthy minerals back into our water.

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