Collection: Water Filters For Good Health


The water we drink and cook with can have a significant impact on our overall health. CWS water filters use best-in-class filtering technology to provide up to 99.9% reduction in water contaminants while leaving beneficial minerals such as calcium and magnesium in the water. The result is healthy, great-tasting water that provides optimum hydration for the body.

At CWS, we want everyone to know about the many benefits of drinking filtered water and to share them with their loved ones.

Make the smart move by switching from bottled water to water filters from Celtic Water Solutions.


  • Unlimited Drinking Water

    Provides unlimited supply to clean and safe drinking water with advanced filtration stages.

  • Complete Protection

    Removes up to 99.9% of impurities from water such as chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, and bacteria.

  • Cost Savings

    Save up to €600 every year when you switch from bottled water to filtered water costing just 7c/L.

  • Healthy Minerals

    Adds back essential minerals into your water so you don’t lose any healthy minerals.

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  • Ecosoft 6 Stage Reverse Osmosis System | Reverse Osmosis Systems | Celtic Water Solutions

    CWS 6 Stage Water Filter

    The 6 stage reverse osmosis water filtration system removes 99.9% known contaminants from water. The remineralization filter enriches the water by adding back healthy minerals back to enhance the taste.

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  • AquaCalcium RO Water Filter

    AquaCalcium is an excellent 6 stage reverse osmosis system that leaves no chance for bacterial contamination. The special AquaCalcium filter adds back calcium to water for that perfect tasting drinking water.

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  • Senna RO Water Filter

    The Senna reverse osmosis system is ideal for those wanting the highest quality water possible. This modern, stylish system will improve the taste of tea, coffee, diluted beverages, and everything cooked in water.

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