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Water Disinfection

Water systems are fundamental to many commercial and industrial processes. Efficient operation of these systems reduces operational costs, minimises breakdowns, and improve production. It is necessary to monitor water quality and determine impurity levels before use. Water must be treated to ensure it doesn’t affect the quality of production. Of equal importance are safety and health considerations, especially with regard to Legionella bacteria in water. Neglected cold storage tanks or cooling towers could be breeding ground for harmful pathogens. Disinfection can be done by employing chemical or physical disinfection techniques. It eliminates organic compounds and microorganisms from the water leaving a residual effect, which means it prevents pathogens from regrowing.

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As you look at water disinfection, your return on investment (ROI) matters. Our high-efficiency solutions are designed to minimise energy use and costs for chemicals while maintaining full disinfection of water.

water tank cleaning

Water Tank Cleaning

To maintain water hygiene and prevent the legionella risk, cold storage tanks must be inspected and cleaned regularly. Our tank cleaning is trusted by companies across a variety of industries and complies with HPSC & ACoP guidelines.

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uv disinfection

UV Disinfection

We can provide full installation and annual maintenance of ultraviolet treatment system to control bacterial contamination in a water supply where water is not stored before use. Our experienced sales team can size the UV unit to peak flow rate of the system.

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Celtic Water Solutions specialises in water sampling, surveying, disinfection, pumping, dosing and monitoring for public, private, commercial and domestic clients. Our experienced sales and customer support team can help your business address any water problem. From water tank & pipework cleaning to Legionella risk assessments and control, we are confident in our ability to deliver exceptional service every time. Not only do we strive to create excellent relationships with all of our customers through good communication, but we also help them meet their statutory requirements in an ever-changing working environment.

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