Collection: Pure Water and Clear Skin

Benefits Of Water – Beautiful Skin

Clean water helps improve dry scalp conditions

It’s no wonder that spa owners across the nation are turning toward filtered water systems. Many spa owners claim that regular tap water contains bacteria and minerals which can clog pores. Over time, this can mean dull skin. Experts say the cleaner the water, the better it can clean. Water filters help weed out things like and heavy metals. The cleaner, softer water, attributes to not only clearer, but also softer skin. Heavy hard water can irritate skin. But, while spa going is a luxurious way to spend the afternoon, it’s not practical for everyone’s wallet. With a filtered water system at home, cleansing the face in your own sink can have the same radiant effect on your skin. Soft water will also help skin problems such as eczema, by allowing your own natural oils to moisturise your skin. It will also help improve dry scalp conditions.