Water Solutions for the Hospitality & Leisure Industries

Customer experience is the key differentiator when it comes to success in the hospitality industry. While many factors go into deciding how a customer feels about your hotel, the quality of water has a direct impact on guests’ experience. With the array of water applications that a hotel or restaurant deals in, providing the highest quality of water to guests becomes imperative to improving customer experience.

Celtic Water Solutions works with businesses across a broad spectrum of hospitality and leisure industry to ensure that water systems are maintained to the highest possible standard, achieving compliance and meeting regulations while also keeping the cost of operations manageable.

We actively work with:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Spas
  • Resorts
  • B&Bs
  • Catering

Benefits for your Business

No More Limescale Buildup

Limescale formed due to hard water can turn out to be a nightmare for hotels resulting in frequent equipment breakdown and increased operating costs. With water softeners, say goodbye to limescale forever. Soft water leads to improved performance of boilers, dishwashers and washing machines.

Reduced Costs

Minerals in hard water cause plumbing fixtures to fail resulting in downtime, high maintenance costs and reduced life of the appliances. With soft water, hotels can save a significant portion of these variable costs and at the same time ensure reliable and functioning water systems.

Happier Guests

Win more loyal customers with exceptional water that can transform everything from spa experiences to linens and morning coffee. From the luxury of soft laundry to the visible clean that comes easy with filtered water, the benefits of hotel water treatment reach beyond delightful guest experiences.

Better Experience for Guests

Spotless Silverware

No guest wants to see cloudy glasses and dishes at a hotel or restaurant they have paid to visit. Hard water leaves a white residue and makes it difficult to clean the tableware. Ensuring a soft water supply in the hotel ensures the tableware is shining after cleanup, thus leading to a great eating experience.

Pleasant Shower Experience

Good water quality in spas is essential to ensure your guests get the maximum benefits from their treatments and whole spa experience. Deliver than luxurious experience and pamper your guests with soft water that is gentle on their skin and hair.

Softer, Brighter and Cleaner Laundry

Your guests won’t want towels and bed sheets that are stiff and look dingy but rather soft and fresh-smelling laundry that feels like new. Softened water enhances the cleaning performance of the machines, reduces detergent use and lowers energy costs. The clothes will feel much softer and cleaner when washed in soft water.

Better Tasting Food & Beverages

Serve best-tasting meals and beverages to your guests with the highest quality drinking water. Ensure your guests can adequately quench their thirst with the highest quality drinking water that is free from bacteria, viruses, chlorine, and any other water contaminants.

Promotion cards

  • Water Softening

    CWS supplies a wide range of water softeners that eliminate scale deposits, improve boiler efficiency, and extend the lifespan of capital assets. Our water softeners offer high flow rates typically between 500 litres per hour to 10,000 litres per hour.

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  • Water Filtration

    No matter how high your water consumption be, we have a solution for you. Regardless of your water source, our commercial water filters and reverse osmosis units are capable of delivering your facility an endless supply for clean & pure drinking water.

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  • Tank Cleaning

    To maintain water hygiene and prevent the legionella risk, cold storage tanks must be inspected and cleaned regularly. Our tank cleaning is trusted by companies across a variety of industries and complies with HPSC & ACoP L8 guidelines.

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  • Maintenance

    We perform planned predictive maintenance on water treatment systems that involves periodic inspection of equipment to ensure their prolonged life. Our solutions are designed to keep your facility operating safely and efficiently without un-planned shutdowns.

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Why Choose Celtic Water Solutions?

If you are in the hospitality business, treating your facilities’ water supply is a no-brainer. However, it becomes truly essential to invest in the right kind of equipment and from the right supplier. At Celtic Water Solutions, we understand that each establishment has its unique set of requirements, hence, we offer tailored water treatment solutions based on the size, water consumption levels, locations, and many more factors.

With over 20 years of experience in treating water across Ireland, Celtic Water Solutions is the name you can bank upon. Our highly skilled technicians are fit to make any water treatment project a success. We will ensure you remain competitive, save on your operating costs and your guests stay happy and satisfied with your hotel’s services.