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Commercial Water Softeners from CWS

Providing Your Company with an extensive range of Water Softeners Systems

Commercial Water SoftenersCeltic Water Solutions commercial water softener systems are designed to handle all the water your business needs. Our industrial strength, commercial water softeners operate based on demand, lowering your maintenance costs, and saving you salt, water, money and time.

Around 70% of the island of Ireland is affected by hard water. Limescale is a persistent problem in boilers, humidifiers, dishwashers, washing machines, reverse osmosis systems, thermostats, and many more items. Limescale reduces the efficiency of cleaning chemicals, affects the heating of water and slows the operation of equipment such as reverse osmosis plants. Businesses and industries of all sizes can see the effects, industries such as Medical, Pharmaceutical, Catering, Hospitality, Leisure, Nursing Homes and Food Processing plants to name but a few.


CWS can supply and install numerous types of commercial water softeners in either “Simplex”, “Duplex”, “Triplex” or even “Quad” Systems. We have the experience and the products to assist you with your water softener requirements, be it full industrial water softening equipment or spare parts for existing water softeners. So, whether you are a 20 seat restaurant, a 500 bedroom hotel, or anything in between, with our knowledge and expertise you will be sure to be guided to the right solution for you.

Commercial Water SoftenersSimplex Water Softeners: Simplex water softeners are best suited to applications where there is a steady demand for moderate capacities of softened water over the course of a normal working day. Simplex water softeners can regenerate on either a time controlled basis or meter controlled for where the usage will vary day to day. Simplex softeners are typically used when the usage per day has been calculated and will not vary hugely.

Duplex Water Softener: Duplex water softeners are ideal for sites with varying water demand or for applications where a continuous and uninterrupted supply of softened water is required.  The twin vessel configuration allows for one resin vessel to always be in service whilst the other is in regeneration or standby thus guaranteeing 24/7 soft water production. Duplex water softeners are typically used in hotels, restaurants, car washes, and where anticipated usage is not accurate or may well increase during seasonal operations.

Triplex Water Softener: A Triplex water softener is a three vessel system which will enable you to achieve high service flow rates should high peak flow rates be required. The system sensors monitors flow rates and makes two of the three units come into service should the demand require it as with a Duplex system when the programmed capacity has been reached the exhausted unit goes into regeneration, the other two continue on in service, each unit has its own individual controls so they can be programmed to run in a number of formats to suit your specific requirements. Triplex water softeners can typically be found in large hotels, leisure centres and bottling plants.

Quad Water Softener: A Quad water softener is fundamentally the same as the Triplex system, only using 4 vessels configured to suit the users requirements. The Quad is generally only used where very high flow rates are required on a constant basis.