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Ecosoft P'URE Aquacalcium Replacement Filters (Full Set)

This is a replacement filter set for Ecosoft P’URE AquaCalcium reverse osmosis system.

Ecosoft Aquacalcium is a 6 Stage RO System that is the perfect solution for your filtered water needs. Not only does it remove impurities present in water but the unique AquaCalcium filter cartridge adds calcium back into filtered water.

The water sequentially passes through 6 stages, for each of which a separate cartridge is provided in the filter. By purchasing a set of 6 cartridges, you can replace all the replaceable elements in your filter at once and save money.

Aquacalcium simulates the natural flow rate of water through rocks and provides a constant content of minerals in purified water. Calcium-enriched water is suitable for people of all ages, as it allows a person to receive the optimal daily amount of vital calcium

This replacement filter set is intended for cold tap water only. It is recommended to replace the filters at least once every 6-12 months, regardless of the volume of water consumed.

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Ecosoft P'URE Aquacalcium Replacement Filters (Full Set) | Replacement Filters | Celtic Water Solutions
Regular price €130.00
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The package contains:

Stage 1

5 Micron Sediment Filter reduces sand, silt, scale and other insoluble compounds.

Stage 2

Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) Filter removes chlorine and odours.

Stage 3

10 Micron Carbon Block Filter reduces chlorine, the concentration of toxic heavy metals, THMs, and natural organic matter.

Stage 4

50 GPD RO Membrane removes over 99% of contaminants such as fluoride, heavy metals like lead, PFAs.

Stage 5

Ecosoft Aquacalcium cartridge is the remineralizing filter that adds calcium back into filtered water by replicating the slow flowing of water passing through the mountain rocks

Stage 6

Carbon Post Filter is a coconut shell-activated carbon which corrects the taste and smell of purified water.