By Celtic Water Solutions

Carbon Post-Filter

This is an inline carbon post-filter designed for the final polishing of filtered water from RO systems.

It utilizes coconut shell granular activated carbon and removes residual taste and odour of filtered water to produce cleaner and better tasting water.

This is usually installed as Stage 5 of most reverse osmosis systems.


  • Tasty water due to coconut carbon
  • Housing made in Europe from food-grade plastic
  • Each filter is tested against leaks
  • Suitable for most RO Systems

The replacement filter is intended for cold tap water only. It is recommended to replace the filter at least once every 6-12 months, regardless of the volume of water consumed.

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Carbon Post-Filter | Carbon Filters | Celtic Water Solutions
Regular price €20.00
Regular price Sale price €20.00

Product Attributes

Size 2″x10″
Connection Type 1/4″
Application Cold Water only
Operating temperature 2 - 45°C