What to Look For When Buying a Water Softener?

choosing water softener
A water softener is effective in tackling hard water problems like limescale by eliminating minerals dissolved in water. There are many benefits of water softeners which make it worth an investment. From preventing limescale buildup to extending the life of your plumbing fixtures, water softeners save an average home around €1000 every year. So, before you decide to buy a water softener for your home, here are 6 things to consider to make a wise decision.

1. Finding What Water Treatment System is needed

Before deciding to buy a water softener, you must confirm what problem you are facing in your home water supply and if a water softener is enough to solve it. A water softener is only capable of removing Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), which are mainly salts of calcium & magnesium, from water. So it’s quite possible that you may need more than a water softener. You may need a water filtration system alongside your water softener to ensure it runs smoothly and last long. If you rely on a private well, it is recommended to get a complete water analysis done before going any further.

2. Choosing the Right Size of System

Water softeners come in a wide range of sizes. Many people would consider the physical size of the unit; however, it is the water softening capacity that determines the right size for your home. The size is also dependent on water consumption, water hardness levels, and the flow rate needed from the system. A small sized water softener in a home that requires high flow rates won’t be able to meet the demand as it won’t allow enough time for ion exchange. An undersized that is too small would exhaust ahead of schedule, wear out quickly and require more money to maintain. It is best to consult a water treatment professional to determine the right size needed for your home.

3. Price & Quality

Many cheap water softening systems may seem like a bargain, but often these systems are built from inferior quality components and won’t last long. On the contrary, other systems may seem expensive at first, but they’re built to last and save money in the longer run. So how much do water softeners cost? The price of the water softening unit depends on its size, type, brand, and features. You can expect to pay anywhere between €600 to €1000, which vary for different retailers. A professional installation costs around €150- €200 depending on the complexity of the installation. Clack water softeners dominate the Irish market due to its high quality, efficiency, and cost. You can enquire the price for Clack Water Softeners here. Enquire Price

4. Efficiency of System

A good water softener uses high-quality components which allows to function them efficiently. Highly efficient systems usually have high upfront costs but in the longer run, are less expensive compared to the cheap ones. It is also interesting to know that efficient softeners have lower running costs as they consume less salt.

5. Metered vs Time-Based Regeneration

Before buying a water softener, it is recommended to become acquainted with its features. And one of the most important ones is the regeneration process – time-based or metered regeneration. Time-based water softeners set regeneration process on a preset day and time regardless of water consumption (usually in early morning hours). Thereby, the system will consume the same amount of salt and water, no matter how much water you actually use. It may also fall short on days when you have unusually large water usage. On the other hand, metered water softeners use demand-initiated regeneration (DIR) technology which measures water consumption and start the regeneration cycle only when necessary. This allows higher efficiency, lower salt consumption and increased lifespan of the softening unit. Clack offers metered water softeners which only backwash when needed and a typical regeneration would last for 7-9 days (for a 4-person family) before it needs backwashing again.

6. Company

When it comes to water softeners, the reputation, and experience of water treatment company matter more than anything else. It is best to choose a company that has highly capable and experienced technicians who have the skills to pull off any complex job. Always talk to 2-3 companies to understand their product, features, and warranty of the unit before you decide to commit. Celtic Water Solutions has been in the water treatment industry for more than 18 years. Our water treatment experts are committed to providing the highest quality water softening systems to our clients. We work to figure out what’s wrong in your home water and offer a customized solution based on your unique needs. Have questions? Contact us now to get an answer to any question you might have. Our water treatment experts will be happy to assist. Ask a Question

Bottom Line

It is best to have a professional water treatment company do the water analysis and suggest an equipment best suited for your home. This eliminates any confusion and allows the company to install an equipment that meets your needs without breaking the bank.