Water Filters Make an Excellent Gift for Christmas & New Year

christmas gift
Christmas is definitely the right time to enjoy and savour the fun moment, especially with your loved ones. With Christmas fast approaching and holidays just around the corner, it’s the start of annual gift hunting. Finding the perfect gift can be time-consuming, frustrating and sometimes expensive as well. Celtic Water Solutions is here to save the day. It would be a good idea to think past electronics and gift something unique like a water filter. We don’t have to remind you how important drinking water is to health and very soon water filters would become an essential part of every family. A water filtration system not only provides you with safe water but certainly enhances the taste of water you’re drinking. Throughout the year, the recipient of the gift will have access to clean drinking water, reduce his plastic waste, and save money on bottled water.

Gifts for Shower & Bath


Shower Filter

Filtered shower heads work well to reduce chlorine present in the water. Beautifully crafted in a compact casing, the shower filter prevents skin’s exposure to harsh chlorine. The KDF 55 filtration media does an exceptional job in reducing chlorine & hardness before water escapes it. This cost-effective shower filter is a beautiful addition to any bathroom giving the nourishment your dull and rough hair desperately needs. Ideal for gifting to women of all ages. Buy Now

Gifts for Kitchen

doulton filtadapt

Doulton Filtadapt

The compact and sleek Doulton Filtadapt is easy to install, which makes it one of the best portable water filters around. The modern design of this countertop filter requires minimal space with no power or plumbing. The reliable ceramic filtration technology eliminates contaminants such as chlorine, organic compounds, bacteria, cysts, and other heavy metals. Ideal for gifting to students or ones who move apartments on a regular basis. Buy Now doulton hcp

Doulton HCP

Compact and portable Doulton HCP easily fits onto the kitchen tap proving clean access to drinking water. Just like Doulton Filtadapt, this water filter does not require power nor plumbing, making it one of the easiest water filters to install and reinstall. The system can be fitted with all Doulton 10” water filter cartridges and is effective in the removal of chlorine, fluoride, organic compounds, heavy metals, bacteria, and cysts. Ideal for students or someone living in rental property. Buy Now

Gifts for Travel

Doulton TASTE bottle

Doulton TASTE Water Bottles

Doulton TASTE filter water bottles are a perfect solution to healthy & clean drinking water that is free from contaminants. This bottle is durable, reusable, and made from BPA free plastic. Designed to filter the water no matter the source, this bottle is ideal for ones always on the move. These stylish bottles come in 3 beautiful colours. Buy Now All these filters require no power and minimal maintenance. Cleaning the filters is a straightforward procedure that doesn’t require any special tools or much time. Present your family or friends with a gift from Celtic Water Solutions, and they won’t be disappointed. Celtic Water Solutions wishes you Merry Christmas and a very prosperous New Year 2020.