Switch to Soft Water to Save €600 Every Year


For years, we have been advocating the multiple benefits of softened water for your home. According to research, by switching to softened water, homeowners could save up to €600 a year. It’s good to see new research has once again put monetary matters in the spotlight. Homeowners living in hard water areas spend far more than they should by being subjected to hard water. With the rising cost of living, people are focused on keeping their bills down as we head into the new year. But the part that soft water can play in helping limit the cost of gas and electricity is being overlooked. In this blog, we discuss how switching away from hard water can definitely be kind to your pocket!

What’s the problem with hard water

Hard water isn’t dangerous or unsafe to drink and it would be wrong for us to suggest it is. However, it does have its downside. It’s harsh on your hair & skin as well as on your laundry. If you live in a hard water area, you may have noticed your clothes, towels and linen feel crusty. That’s hardened soap scum which is not easily removed with hard water. But perhaps, the biggest issue with hard water is the buildup of white chalky substance which is popularly known as limescale. You may have noticed it on the taps, kitchen sink, shower doors, toilet bowls and many other areas in your home. Not only does it look unaesthetic but it can be hard to clean if allowed to build up over time.

Aside from aesthetic effects, it’s your central heating system, or anywhere in the home where heated or boiling water is present, like the kettle, which will bear the brunt of the scale build-up. This can have hidden but huge consequences. Perfectly serviceable boilers and water tanks will accumulate ever-increasing amounts of scale, meaning it takes longer and longer to actually heat the hot water you require. This is because the scale gets heated first. Meanwhile, the volume of the water tank is reduced because up to a third of its capacity is reduced by limescale. The build-up of limescale also causes water to cool off far more quickly than it should. Eventually, the system will need replacing and the boiler’s life expectancy cut in half. All this means you’ll chalk up unnecessarily high fuel bills. The horror of hard water!

How a water softener saves you money?

A water softener is no longer a luxury, but a necessity especially for homeowners living in hard water areas. Not only does a water softener deliver aesthetic benefits such as a shinier home, softer skin & hair, and bigger bubble baths, but it also offers significant cost savings. One of the first things people tend to notice with soft water is that they can cut back on their soap usage. Even with half the amount of laundry detergent, they still get a clean load of laundry. We estimate big savings on soap with soft water. And, because of hard water’s negative effects on the hair and skin, you’re likely using more lotion, conditioner and other personal care products to compensate. Half usage on soap, shampoo and conditioner, laundry detergent, and dishwasher detergent goes a long way. For an average home, that can be savings of up to €230 every year! Energy bills can run high for many homeowners, and hot water is often the second largest energy expense. With soft water, you’ll spend in the region of €165 less on gas and electricity, whilst there’ll be cost savings of €200 or so on appliance repair and servicing. Our total estimate for soft water savings comes in at €600 per year for soap, detergent, water heater lifespan, and laundry savings by washing in cold water. But there are still plenty of other details to factor in. Outside of that, it’s always worth considering the quality of life upgrade that soft water brings to the table. You can spend less time scrubbing the faucet and shower head to remove hard scale buildup, and you get to enjoy clean dishes—finally free of hard water spots. It also means better water pressure and less chance of problems with appliances.

How much does a water softener cost?

Prices can vary considerably. You probably have heard of the saying that ‘if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys’. There’s always somewhere you can pick one up that’s cheaper – and this is certainly true for water softeners. While there are many companies out in the market who offer their water softeners at lower prices, it is interesting to note that those products are of inferior quality and often Chinese-made products that won’t last long. Thus, you will have to search for a water softener all over again. Check out our guide here on what to look for when buying a water softener. A ballpark figure for buying a new water softener in Ireland is somewhere in the range of €800 to €1300 including installation.

Consider a softer approach for your home

The savings made across energy, cleaning products and longer lifespan of appliances mean a CWS water softener pays for itself in time. With significant cost savings every year and minimum maintenance involved, you’ll be left with more cash to spend on maintaining and upgrading other aspects of your homes. If you are looking at ways to cut back on your household bills and like the idea of annual household savings of around €600 a year, talk to us today about the most appropriate water softener for your needs. We’ll help you enjoy a limescale-free home.