Plumbed In or Bottled Water Cooler – Which One is Best for You?

Plumbed In or Bottled Water Cooler

A healthy workforce leads to productivity in the office and promoting better health for your employees can really pay off. When employees are healthy, your company enjoys many benefits in terms of less absenteeism, lower health costs, and increased job retention rates. If you’re reading this blog, it is likely that you’ve made your mind to buy a water cooler for your office. The question now is plumbed in or bottled? The answer to this question depends purely on your office’s needs. You must ask yourself these questions before deciding to buy a water cooler.

  1. What is your office’s weekly water consumption?
  2. How much free space is available in your office?
  3. Where is the water dispenser going to be used the most?
  4. Does aesthetics of water cooler matter to you?
  5. What temperature of the water would your employees like?
  6. What is the budget?
  7. How much maintenance would it require?
Once you’ve answered these questions, it should be fairly easy to understand which cooler would suit your office. Here are a few pros and cons of both.

Bottled Water Cooler

  • Good option if your water consumption is no more than 18 litres per week
  • Easy to use and just needs to be plugged into a power supply
  • Can be moved and relocated to another location if needed
  • Immediate access to hot & cold water
  • Turns out to be a cheaper option if water consumption is low
  • Refill bottles consume a lot of storage space
  • Once opened, the bottles must be consumed within 2-3 days for sanitary reasons
  • Bottled water coolers must be disinfected regularly to prevent bacterial contamination
  • Use of plastic water bottles doesn’t make it environment-friendly
  • Running out of water can be a problem especially in warm weather

Mains Fed (Plumbed In) Water Cooler

  • A perfect option if your office has high water consumption as bottle-fed coolers may fail to cope up with large numbers
  • Ensures a constant supply of refreshing drinking water
  • Easy to use and no hassle of replacing bottles
  • Eliminates the need to store large water bottles, leaving a lot of free space
  • Cost-effective in the longer run
  • Environmentally friendly option as no plastic bottles are needed
  • The initial cost is higher than a bottle-fed cooler
  • Lower maintenance and operational costs compared to a bottled water cooler

No matter which water dispenser you choose, it turns a well-deserved break into a refreshing experience for your employees. Choosing a mains fed cooler eliminates all hassles of storing & replacing large refill bottles and is an inexpensive option for your office in the longer run. Celtic Water Solutions supplies and installs mains fed coolers in 2 configurations: countertop and free-standing. Choose from your range of water coolers and you won’t be disappointed. So why are you paying someone else to deliver you bottled of water when you can simply filter your own water at your office and at a fraction of a price? Just contact us and we'll assist you in deciding which water dispenser would suit you the best.

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