Is Your Hotel Flushing Money Down the Drain? Switch to Water Softeners!

hotel water softeners
For hotels, restaurants, and anyone working in the hospitality sector, first impressions are critical to success. Being in the hospitality industry means to create comfortable environments for your customer and turn them into memorable experiences. The décor, service quality, and overall ambience, all contribute towards creating your brand and encourage visitors to keep coming back and even recommend your brand to their friends. Facing an unprecedented pressure to remain competitive, hotels and restaurants often overspend and this shoots up their operating costs. So how do hotels bring down this avoidable cost?

Where to look at?

Regardless of the size of the establishment, hotels use a lot of water – for guest rooms, kitchen, cooling & heating, swimming pools, laundry, landscaping and other uses. Traditionally, luxury was something not associated with water conservation. water use in hotels

Source: EPA, 2012

A good place to start looking and save money is by carefully monitoring the laundry, which accounts for 16% of hotel’s water consumption. For establishments with high water consumption, it becomes imperative to keep water hardness levels in check. Hard water brings its detrimental effects in the form of limescale buildup which in most cases, leads to poor washing performance and an increased energy cost. It is interesting to note that just 0.5 mm of limescale increases the energy costs by 9.4% and this figure shoots to 12% when the thickness of scale is 1 mm. It is estimated that hard water is responsible for up to 70 percent of equipment failure. For hotels that see a lot of strain on a daily basis, hard water can seriously impact plumbing systems.

Other Benefits of Commercial water softeners for Hotels

Using soft water can save a hotel up to 40 percent on detergent costs, better cleaning performance, fresh & soft laundry. The benefits of commercial water softeners are not limited to laundry. Water softeners in hotels lead to enhanced lifespan of equipment and prevent expensive breakdowns. And not to forget, the obvious & visible difference – glassware and dishes. Spotlessly clean and beautifully presented tableware speak volume about hygiene of the hotel and its cuisine.

Final Word

Hotel managers can benefit through operational improvements and equipment upgrade. The EPA report highlights that implementing water efficient practices in commercial buildings can decrease operating costs by 11 percent, energy use by 10 percent and water use by 15 percent. Hotels using high volumes of water must deploy correct water treatment system to prevent limescale buildup. We, at Celtic Water Solutions, understand that one size does not fit all. Our water treatment experts carefully review water hardness in your hotel’s water, its machine capacity and volume of water being pumped and then present a customized solution to fit your hotel’s unique needs. If you are a hotel manager and looking for water treatment solutions for your hotel, call us at 093 60705 or apply for a booking consulation below. We are always open to discussing new projects and will be more than happy to assist you.