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Water Pumps in Ireland – Sales, Repairs & Accessories

At CWS, we carry a full range of water and wastewater pumps and accessories.

We cater for anything from complex commercial projects to a domestic borehole applications. We stock submersible pumps, booster pump sets, borehole pumps, drainage and sewage pumps, variable speed constant pressure systems. We also supply a large range of pressure vessels, pressure switches, press controls & inverter controls.

Our aim is to minimise pump running costs, prolong equipment life and reduce the likelihood of breakdowns.


Water Pumps

At Celtic Water Solutions we operate a very successful service and maintenance aspect to our business, we understand how important it is to have a fully operating pump at all times, but lets face it, due to factors outside of our control things can and could inevitably go wrong which will result in you needing a pump repair.

We provide a comprehensive range of service, repair and maintenance programmes for submersible pumps, waste water pumps and filtration systems, stocking a wide range of spares, parts and replacements from stockists such as Lowara, Grundfos, Wilo, Pedrollo, to name but a few.

We offer on and off site overhauls, maintenance and service across a broad range of pump types and manufacturers and if required we can source and supply any replacements, spares and parts. Our service technicians are qualified and experienced in all aspects of water pump servicing and maintenance.

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We Supply


Submersible Pump #1

Submersible Pumps

Submersible pumps, also known as borehole pumps, are devices that are submerged under water while still carrying out its intended purpose. Domestic customers will be most familiar with sump pumps, or sewerage pumps, however, submersible pumps can be used in a number of other applications, such as well pumps, fountain pumps and borehole pumps.

Celtic Water Solutions carry a range of top quality submersible pumps or borehole pumps, ranging from 0.37kW to 1.1kW, flow rates range from 5 litres per minute to 80 litres per minute, making our pumps suitable for domestic, agricultural and commercial usage. Should you have specific requirements please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Pressure Vessels

Pressure Vessels

A borehole or private water system is made up of many different components and controls. Depending upon the requirements and application there may be different options or sizes of pressure vessel available.

Celtic Water Solutions only supply and install quality pressure vessels and switches. The pressure vessel is used to provide a reserve of pressurised water to limit the number of starts of and wear on the pump. The pressure switch will cut in when the pressure drops below a pre-set point starting the pump and cuts out when the required pressure is achieved.
CWS stock and install a wide variety of pressure vessels, we use pressure tanks that are long-life vessels ideally suited for controlling the pressure in domestic, as well as industrial applications, cold-water (drinking-water) systems.

The large number of vessel sizes and types available make it possible to select the pressure vessel that best suits your application and system. Pressure tanks can be coupled to water pumps (surface or submersible) to provide a self-contained pressurised supply for direct connection into an existing piped system without the need for header tanks or float switches.
Available in a range of capacities from 25 litre to 500 litre in both horizontal and vertical form.

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Booster Pump Set #1

Booster Pump Sets

Celtic Water Solutions have an insatiable appetite for innovation and development has ensured that our comprehensive range of booster pumps is one of the most advanced, efficient and reliable on the market. We supply an extensive range catering for every need; from domestic and commercial water booster pumps, single and twin sets, for existing water pressure systems or new installations. If pump failure is not an option, and you are looking for an efficient, environmentally friendly solution to your pumping needs, contact us.

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Pressure Switches

Our range of pressure switches have set the standard for reliability, efficiency and durability. Our switches feature rainproof enclosures made from a certified plastic cover to protect against rain and ice formation. There is also a thick zinc coating on the metal frame, therefore they are suitable for outdoor use. Available in a wide range of pressure settings.


Frequently Asked Questions?

What is a Pump System?
A pump system is the entire system from the source of your water – your well, borehole, or other source, to the point at which it is used – and everything in-between including pipe work, storage tanks, subsequent pumps, filtration, pressure vessels etc.

What Sort of Pump Do I Need?
For a source pump this depends on two factors. One, the depth of your bore or well and the volumes of water which you expect to need and two, the total amount of lit which is required to bring that water to the surface. If your well or bore is very deep, you will need a more powerful pump, even if your requirements are modest as it takes a lot of energy to lift water vertically. This type of pump is for getting water out of the ground often from great depths and depositing it into a tank or tanks above ground.

Storage tank submersible pumps are generally much smaller. These types of pumps do not need to lift water more than 2-3 meters, but are able to push water over vast distances. It is this type of pump which delivers the water to you for your final use. Depending on the volumes of water to be moved and the distances involved, single or three phase pumps may be used. In general for most scenarios, single phase pumps ranging from 750 watt to 2 Kw are all that is needed.

Do I Need a Water Storage Tank, and if so, What Size?
For most scenarios we always recommend a water storage tank. This tank, or series of tanks may be sited above ground under cover, – in some out building or other enclosure for example, or may be sited in the ground in a purpose built chamber. Tanks above ground which are not under covered will either need to be shielded from frost – or built of a special type which resist’s frost. Installing storage tanks offer distinct advantages over pumping directly from a well or bore. The heart of your system is your bore or well pump. It is often the single most costly item in the system and is beneficial not to have this pump switching on and off every time there is demand. Instead it is better to pump your well or bore water to a tank – a second stage if you will, from which your water is then delivered to your network via a tank pump.

Tank size is calculated as a portion of your water requirements. For example, if you need 2 tonnes a day and your system suddenly develops a problem, you either have to do without water until the system has been repaired, or you must switch back to mains water – if you have mains. A 2 tonne tank means you can continue using your water, and have a day in which to isolate and fix the problem. Suddenly finding yourself without water may be inconvenient if the water is simply for a home situation, but if your pumping water for commercial use, this could be costly to your business. Having a storage tank which can store a portion of your water needs gives you time. You can continue operating as you effectively have a reserve. A storage tank buys you time to get any problem fixed, enables you to continue using your water, reduces stress on your bore or well pump system by not have it operating constantly – and in general gives you better control over your entire system.

What is a Pressure Vessel, and Do I Need One?
A pressure vessel is a pressurised cylinder which attempts to maintain equilibrium of even water pressure (Bar) across a system which has several or many points of use. If your storage tank pump is going to deliver water to 3 or more points of delivery, using water at one point may cause a sudden drop in pressure at another point. This may or may not be a problem depending on what you’re using the water for. Some uses may be pressure sensitive or critical whilst others are not affected by drops in pressure. We have all experienced being in a shower, happily lathering yourself, and somebody turns a tap on! Whilst this is far from critical and is simply unpleasant, if you’re using equipment which is pressure sensitive or critical, maintaining even system pressure (Bar) across your network may be essential.

What is Bar?
The bar is a unit of pressure equal to 100 kilopascals, and roughly equal to the atmospheric pressure on Earth at sea level. Most mains municipal water suppliers within the UK provide water pressure at an average of 2 bar. Some areas get mains water pressure as high as 3 bar. 1 bar is equal to 14.5psi.