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Sulphur Odour Removal from Water

Sulphur Odour Removal from Water

Hydrogen Sulphide or Sulphur as it is more commonly known, causes odours in your water stemming from decaying vegetation underground. It can be very unpleasant and smell like rotten eggs. It can be neutralised in several different ways:


Carbon Water Filters

A Carbon Filter will neutralise the odours in the water before entering your home, the carbon will absorb the Sulphur in most cases. The Carbon then exhausts and needs to be replaced.


Where the water will be pumped from one tank to another, allowing the water to be filtered by the natural air. Very effective but takes up allot of space.

Air Pump/Ozone

This is the newest method of removing Sulphur and the most effective by far. It uses a holding tank which is fed by the affected water supply. It utilises the same technology used by municipal water companies throughout the world to assure that you have the highest quality water possible. The system uses no chemicals or salt and requires very low maintenance. The system uses an ozone generator in combination with an air pump to continuously aerate the water which expels the Sulphur out of the water.


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