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Colour & Turbidity Removal Water Filter

Colour & Turbidity Removal Water Filter

water-softener-pricesTurbidity is caused by suspended matter in your water like clay, silt and tiny particles of dirt. It describes the relative clarity of the water, ranging from perfectly clear and transparent to cloudy or hazy. Colour is caused by Organics which comes from 3 major sources:

* The breakdown of naturally occurring organic materials
* Domestic and commercial chemical waste
* Chemical reactions that occur during water treatment processes

Organics come from domestic and commercial chemical waste. When Organics are treated by it can lead to by-products such as THM’s (Trihalomethanes) in the water.

Activated Carbon is generally used to remove organics, colour and taste and odour. In more severe cases Colour & Turbidity Resin can be used to remove the fore mentioned contaminants.