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Colour and Turbidity Removal Water Filter

Colour & Turbidity Removal Water Filter

turbidity removal filter
Turbidity is caused by suspended matter in your water like clay, silt and tiny particles of dirt that interfere with the water clarity. It describes the relative clarity of the water, ranging from perfectly clear and transparent to cloudy or hazy. Turbidity particles can be as small as 2 microns in size.

Colour is caused by organics which comes from 3 major sources:

  • The breakdown of naturally occurring organic materials
  • Domestic and commercial chemical waste
  • Chemical reactions that occur during water treatment processes

Turbidity in your water supply leaves sediment residues in your bathtubs, sinks, appliances and other plumbing fixtures.

Excessive turbidity, or cloudiness, in drinking water is aesthetically unappealing, and may also represent a health concern. Turbidity can provide food and shelter for pathogens. If not removed, the causes of high turbidity can promote regrowth of pathogens in the water, leading to waterborne disease.

Why Choose Celtic Water Solutions?

Celtic Water Solutions is one of the leading water treatment companies in Ireland. We specialize in colour & turbidity removal and over the years helped countless homeowners improve their well water quality.

We offer high-quality colour and turbidity treatment systems for your private water supply. Our turbidity filters consist of multi-layer filtration media which trap suspended particles such as sediment, dirt and grit which gives water a cloudy appearance. The result is clean, clear water

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