Eco Friendly Green Water Filters

Eco Friendly Green Water Filters

Buy Water Filter Housings:The main method used to treat water before it is added to the mains is to disinfect it with a controlled dose of chlorine. Chlorination is a very effective way of killing bacteria in water — however, many people dislike the taste. Some companies provide water filters to improve its taste but only in the form of disposable plastic housings containing a filter media. The consumer or company must then discard the filter and replace it with a new cartridge. The main disadvantage of traditional filtration systems is the environmental impact of disposing a plastic filter, over 6 million plastic filters are thrown away every year. This results in 1,000 tonnes of non-biodegradable plastic being sent to landfill sites, meaning our most important natural resource, is often overlooked when it comes to recycling and preservation.

At Celtic Water Solutions, we never lose sight of our goal to enhance your quality of life, by providing you with a healthy source of drinking water, while protecting our planet at the same time. We pride ourselves on the fact that we continuously strive to improve and innovate the technology we offer our customers. As such, we have introduced an Eco Friendly Green Water Filter to our product range.

The Green Filter system is a patented re—usable, eco-friendly, system. Our Green filter has the potential to save you money, whilst taking steps towards preserving our precious planet, as the only part that needs to be discarded is the biodegradable filter media — all of the other parts can be reused over and over again. This results in a lower filter replacement cost than with traditional plastic filters and minimal environmental impact. The Green Water Filter is perfect for use with Water Coolers & Fountains, under sink filtration, refrigerators and coffee machines.


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