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Water Softeners- FAQ’s

Water Softeners Frequently Asked Questions

How can I treat hard water?
If you suffer from hard water which attacks taps, showers, washing machines, leaves horrid marks and leaves lime scale in the worlds most important tool… the kettle then you need to look at fitting a water softener. Water softeners can treat the whole house, a selection of taps and pipes or a single drinking water tap.

Do water softeners require maintenance?
Yes they will require salt crystals to be topped up, this can be done by yourself very easily. It is also recommended that water softeners be serviced on an annual basis to keep the equipment in prime condition.

How does a water softener work?
Water passes through the internal cylinder of the softener unit where high quality resin beads collect the hard water salts. The softened water is then passed back into the system for use around the house. After a period of time the resin beads become full and must be regenerated, this is done automatically. A brine solution is drawn up from the tank and passed over the resin beads in the cylinder during a backwash. This releases the hard water salts which are then flushed away leaving the resin ready to begin its collection again. The regeneration process is fully automatic and takes place late at night when there is no soft water requirement.


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