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Oasis KaliX Free Standing Water Cooler

Oasis KaliX Mains Fed Water Cooler

KaliX is one of our most popular free-standing water coolers – and it’s no wonder why, once you’ve experienced its refreshing water. It’s packed with all the features a busy office can ask for – simple design, ease of use, and inexpensive.

It comes with a revolutionary Pressure Vessel Direct Chill (PVDC) system in a stylish, modern, and compact design. This results in significant hygiene benefits. As the water enters from mains, it passes into a pressure vessel where it gets chilled and moves towards the point of dispense. Water is not stored anywhere, therefore, it reduces the risk of Legionella bacteria.

The mechanical auto drain system is another great feature of KaliX water cooler that helps prevent overflowing drip trays. The drip tray can be conveniently emptied into a storage tank or drained into waste.

Benefits of KaliX Water Cooler

  • Unlimited supply of drinking water at demand
  • No need to worry about refilling it
  • Eliminates large water bottles & frees up storage space
  • Simple and easy to maintain
  • Saves you lot of money
  • Ideal for workplaces with high water consumption
  • Compact design

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oasis pou kalix water cooler



  • Soft touch buttons with indicator light
  • Removable front panel for easy access to the filters
  • Large pace for filling sports bottles, carafes
  • Two-piece cooling tank for ease of service/sanitization
  • Internal cup dispenser
  • Removable self-draining drip tray
  • Regulatory approvals: CE/KIWA

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