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Since 2002 CWS have provided a range of top quality water treatment products and water treatment services to hundreds of satisfied customers. This is what some of the customers have said about our products and services:

Paul Stoneman, Drogheda, Co. Meath

Don’t usually write reviews, but am so impressed by the new Clack water softener installed by Celtic Water Solutions, felt I had to. I did a significant amount of research regarding the different types on the market and came to the conclusion that the Clack system was the best….by a mile.
We put up with hard water for the past 10 years (premature failure of white goods, wrecked shower doors, sinks, constant scum in attic water tank, blocked toilet cisterns, having to filter drinking water, I could go on!!). I was a little skeptical that this system could rectify all the above problems, and some thought I was a mug for installing it! Well all I can say is: get a clack system installed by Celtic Water Solutions, “THEY WORK, THE DIFFERENCE IS ALMOST IMMEDIATE“.

Eugenio Mazzitelli, Balbriggan

I got your filters a month ago. The taste and the hardness of the water has improved hugely from day one. No more limescale, no more bad taste.
When taking a shower, my skin feels now soft and silky, whereas before I always had this feeling of dryness on my face and arms.
My girlfriend was quite skeptical at first, but then she changed her mind straight away.
I would recommend it to everybody, especially if you live on the north side of Dublin.
Thank you CWS for making my water taste the way it is supposed to taste!!

Gerry Gannon, Maintenance Co-ordinator, Thermo King, Galway

We here in Thermo King Galway began using Celtic Water Solutions two years ago for all our water treatment needs, including water softeners, water coolers, water testing, etc. Over the years Celtic Water Solutions have installed, and serviced our many water drinking fountains.
Thermo King have just installed a new Ecoat painting system which was a $3,ooo,ooo dollar project.
The water treatment part of this project was carried out by Celtic Water Solutions, this was a big part of the project and had to be overseen by E.P.A.

We are quite happy to continue doing business with this company into the future.

Patrick Anthony, Co. Meath

Celtic Water provided us with a very simple and compact system. The results are great. Their installation technician was very professional and clearly explained all we needed to know about looking after the system.

Richie Browne, Moorington, Meath.

Got Clack WS1CI Valve system installed a few months ago with drinking water tap, which is connected to my fridge (I now don’t need to replace filter in fridge which is 40% of yearly service fee in itself). Works a treat. No limescale in kettle. Not cleaning shower head continually any more and I do notice a difference when showering. Even heating system is being cleaned. By far the best customer service I have ever come across with any company I have ever dealt with. Excellent.

Eddie Gormley, Skreen, Co. Sligo

I am very satisfied with my water system from Celtic Water Solutions. The team were very professional and have installed an efficent and quality product. I drilled a well but the water had slightly high levels of lime and manganese. CWS installed a system to rectify this. I now have quality drinking water.

Viktorija Petruchno, Johnstown, Meath

The system is brilliant. Limescale is finally gone from my house. Taps and showers are so shine and clean that I can use it instead of mirror. The whole process from talking to a salesman to installation was a pleasure. Quick, professional and friendly. Whatever was promised, was completed. I can’t remember the name of the person who installed it but he was very professional and polite. He called a day earlier to arrange for a suitable time and arrived on time. The job was nicely done and no mess was left behind. I can’t recommend you enough. Fantastic service and the system! Thank you for the good experience.

Patricia Concannon, Kilconly, Co. Galway

I find Celtic Water Solutions Services very good. When they say a time of calling they arrive on time, very punctual.

James Fitzpatrick, Clara, Co. Kilkenny

I have had CWS for the last eight years and I have found it to be an excellent system, we went from buying 3 kettles every eighteen months to now having the same one for years, also for the pipes and shower there is a huge difference. 10 out of 10 for CWS.

Lorraine Laffey, Balbriggan, Dublin

Always happy to recommend CWS to others as they provide a great service at a great price. Friendly, helpful staff both on the phone and when they call to service.

Fumihiko Akamine, Kilmaley, Co. Clare

CWS installed a very good system. We used to have frequent incidents of copper pipe corrosion, but now we never have the problem. The system under the sink is very compact, yet provides quality water.

Kevin Gaffney, Annacotty, Co. Limerick

I find my CWS System and service to be of top quality with no issues

John Murphy, Coosan, Athlone, Co. Westmeath

I am so happy with the Celtic Water Solutions water system that now I recommend it to all my friends. Most people do not drink enough water and yet water is the most important nutrient that we consume

Tommy Ryan, Ryan’s Bar, Kiltimagh, Co. Mayo

Our tap water had a horrible smell of bleach. Now it’s 100%, we also have no problems with the glass washers or water heaters on the premises anymore

Kevin & Angela Murphy, Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow

Since we got the Celtic Water Solutions system in our home we haven’t had any problems with our hot water tank or electric shower, which we had to replace regularly as lime kept destroying them, we used to have a very high level of nitrates in our water and now it’s practically nil, it has been an absolute God send to us and we have highly recommended Celtic Water Solutions to our friends.

Orla Heneghan, Nutritionist, Tuam, Co. Galway.

Celtic Water Solutions provided a simple and effective way for us to regularly consume clean water, health-wise it’s at the top of our list of priorities. Some bottled water does not provide us with the same quality of clean water with the same guarantee

Mai Byrne, Kiltegan, Co. Carlow

Before getting our under-sink filter installed by CWS, I suffered with severe mouth ulcers & stomach upsets, also occasionally headaches. Water from our filter tastes great & I drink much more now, bringing it to work too. In two months since it was installed all three symptoms have cleared up! I’m delighted with the product and friendly service. I am recommending CWS to friends & neighbours.

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