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SWS1 Drinking Water System

The package includes SWS1 Water Filter System with Ultracarb ceramic filter, tap & installation kit.

This system has an in-line water filter that is highly robust and is used to filter your drinking water to give you healthy, purified, clean water.

This kit comes with an adaptor for DIY plumbing and a full installation kit with a separate faucet tap.

• Removes pathogenic (dangerous) bacteria such as e-coli
• Removes Parasites such as cryptosporidium
• Removes Chlorine
• Removes Fine dirt & Sediment
• Removes Pesticides
• Removes Solvents
• Removes Foul Tastes & Odours
• Removes Lead & Heavy metals

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Regular price €160.00
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SWS1 Drinking Water System | Water Filters | Celtic Water Solutions
Regular price €160.00
Regular price Sale price €160.00


Dimensions: 305mm H, 70mm W

3/8" Push Fittings

Candle Type: 10 inches long x 2 inches in diameter (254 x 49mm) short threaded mount

Connections: ½ inch BSP threaded inlet & outlet

Flow Rate: 300 l/hour