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NEW Counter-Top Water Filter

NEW Counter-Top Doulton Filtadapt Water Filter

A modern Counter-Top water filtration system complete with BioTect Ultra filter from the world-famous UK manufacturer of the high quality ceramic water filters – Doulton® (since 1826). Connects directly to the kitchen tap via a diverter valve. Available in a choice of colour: Red / Pebble

Easy installation for everyone! All you need to set up this drinking water unit is included. The conneting valve is compatible with most of the taps.

Have it NOW for such a low price you won’t believe is real! Call 087 631 3339 OR 1890 252 388 

Why should you have it?

✓ Minimal counter space with no power or plumbing required!
 Connected directly to a kitchen tap via diverter valve.
 Suitable for your homeholiday housestudent accommodationoffice kitchen… any place where clean healthy drinking water supply is needed!
 Can be easily transfered & used for different taps & places.
 For such a low price you won’t believe is real!

What does it remove from your drinking water?

The BioTect Ultra ceramic water filter removes:

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