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Water System Monitoring


Managing water is an ongoing process. This can be time-consuming but to establish the correct monitoring regime for your premises a suitable and sufficient risk assessment needs to be carried out.

A written scheme for controlling the risk of Legionella bacteria should be implemented and properly managed so that all water services are routinely checked for the correct temperature, water demand and inspected for cleanliness and use.

Water assets such as showers, hot tubs, heaters, boilers, taps, and even pipework should be checked regularly.

Monitoring and inspection programmes start in the office, reviewing your current Legionella risk assessment and any other historic records relating to your water system.

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Our Services

Once your initial risk assessment has been carried out, and our recommendations actioned, we’ll devise a monitoring schedule that’s designed specifically for your site to ensure you stay compliant with current HSE guidance for legionella control.

  • Cold water storage tank inspections
  • Showerhead cleaning and disinfection
  • Flushing of little-used outlets
  • TMV Servicing
  • Temperature checks of your hot and cold systems
  • All calorifier checks
  • All microbiological testing
  • Access to a cloud-based logbook

All of the results are recorded and if anything does not meet the current guidance, you’ll be made aware of it, so you can take swift action to put it right.

Routine Temperature Monitoring

Temperature control is the most straightforward and cost-effective way to managing legionella bacteria in domestic hot and cold water systems. Cold water should be maintained, where possible, at a temperature below 20°C. Hot water should be stored at least 60°C and distributed so that it reaches a temperature of 50°C (55°C in healthcare premises) within one minute at the outlets.

Our monitoring service includes temperature checks and lets you keep a constant check on what’s happening with your systems. Temperature monitoring is specifically tailored to your site but will include temperature checks of:

  • Cold water storage tanks
  • Outlets including sentinel outlets
  • Calorifier flow and return
  • POU heaters
  • Subordinate loops
  • Combination water heaters

Record Keeping

Perhaps the single most important aspect of any Legionella management programme is keeping a record of monitoring results and findings.

Each site is issued with a hard copy or electronic logbook depending on your requirements. These log books contain standard documentation and site-specific information which fully complies with the requirements of ACoP L8.

The key sections of this user-friendly operating and record-keeping manual are:

  • Lines of communication and appointed personnel
  • Significant findings from the Legionella risk assessment
  • Plans and schematic drawings of the systems
  • The written scheme of actions and control measures required and details of their implementation
  • Monitoring and inspection results
  • Cleaning and disinfection procedures and associated reports and certificates
  • Remedial and attendance logs
  • Information on other hazards e.g. treatment chemicals

Why Choose Celtic Water Solutions?

By hiring Celtic Water Solutions, you are relieved from the operational management of Legionella control and are offered peace of mind that you are meeting the required guidelines of maintaining safe water.

Our monitoring and inspection programmes are designed in strict accordance with HPSC National Guidelines for Control of Legionellosis & ACoP L8 to keep you compliant. Each monitoring contract is assigned an account manager who is responsible for planning all works and liaising with you at all times, providing you with a single point of contact.

We have nearly two decades of experience in the water treatment & environment services industry, and our engineers are amongst the most highly trained and competent in the market.

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