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coronavirus disinfection service ireland


Coronavirus Disinfection Service throughout Ireland

Minimize risk and ensure safety of your staff & customers

An outbreak of an infectious virus often occurs in crowded places of work such as supermarkets, hotels, gyms, universities, hospitals, and nursing homes. Your clients and staff might be exposed to infection without even knowing it. With no vaccine available as of now, it becomes important more than ever, to keep to ensure high standards of safety and hygiene.

Going in the future when lockdown ends and restrictions are eased, it’s still not possible to predict with certainty how the disease will spread. Businesses must disinfect and sanitize their premises before they open to the public.

To prevent the spread of infectious diseases, Celtic Water Solutions offers a comprehensive disinfection and sanitization solution. Hard-to-reach and large surfaces can be disinfected quickly, efficiently, and safely with minimal disruption. We are taking great care to ensure our staff have the highest level of protection and can provide safe disinfection service to our clients.

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What is Fogging?

Fogging disinfection is a method where disinfectant is atomized into ultra-fine droplets and blown into the air. These droplets then settle on the surface and kill pathogens and micro-organisms present. This allows disinfection possible in the hard-to-reach areas such as nooks, crevices, and corners.

With the use of ULV fogger, the disinfectant particles produced are so small that they remain suspended in the air long enough to kill airborne viruses and bacteria. The disinfectant also eliminates pathogens on surfaces including walls, ceilings, furniture, and floors, making it highly efficient for disinfection.

Furthermore, aerosol disinfection has significant advantages over conventional methods of wiping and spraying. It minimizes the risk of cross-contamination associated with using cloths and wipes.

The fogging process is rapid and disinfectant needs only a little time to start working. This eliminates the need to seal off areas for days. The sanitization process only takes a few minutes and your business should be back to working in a matter of a few hours. We strongly recommend disinfecting the premises after working hours to minimize disruptions and risk of allergic reactions to your staff.

Why Choose Celtic Water Solutions for Disinfection?

Celtic Water Solutions delivers fast and expert disinfection services to businesses of all sizes. The use of specialized chemicals eradicates harmful pathogens in a safe and discreet manner. As a matter of fact, we use Sanosil S010 which is proven to work against bacteria, bacteria endospores, yeasts, fungi, and viruses including coronavirus.

Our qualified team works around your business hours and uses of safe sanitization process for your staff and customers. All our services are carried out by qualified personnel and guidelines set by the HSE.

Whole Room Fogging Ireland

Whole Room Fogging

Disinfect areas with high traffic without disrupting flow and cut down on manual labour using our whole room disinfection service. Delivered in the superfine mist by a high-quality fogger machine, we ensure complete surface disinfection with a 99.9% kill rate leaving no chemical residue.

Outdoor Disinfection Service

Outdoor Disinfection

Quickly sanitize outdoor areas such as playgrounds, shop fronts, shopping trolley stations, forecourts, bus shelters, outdoor seating, communal spaces, and pedestrian crossing, etc. safely when using our disinfection services. Our solutions are cost-effective and time-saving compared to manual cleaning.


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