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Ecosoft Dewberry Water Filter Jug

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Water Filter Jugs for Great Tasting Water

The minimalist design of the Ecosoft Dewberry filter jug makes it a refreshing update to any kitchen. Now enjoy a cleaner and better-tasting water at an affordable price. This slimline and beautiful jug should fit snugly into most fridge doors. Not only does it quench your thirst, but it also blends well with your home décor.

Ecosoft’s excellent filtration technology makes Dewberry a beautiful yet powerful filtration jug. In just 5 minutes of pouring water, you’ll get a litre of pure and chlorine-free water. Not only does it remove bad taste, it actually reduces iron, manganese and hardness in the water.


  • Great tasting water, free from any impurity
  • Removes chlorine and bad taste
  • Reduces iron, manganese, & other contaminants
  • Ideal for cooking and drinking purposes
  • Elegant and slim design
  • Easily fits in most fridges
  • Budget-friendly option
  • Manufactured using BPA-free plastic

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Installation & Use

The product does not need installation. Ecosoft Dewberry is designed to provide high-quality water by removing impurities and improving its taste. The water is poured from the top (the funnel), which passes through a filtration cartridge and gets collected in the lower tank.

The Dewberry filter jug consists of a transparent body with anti-slip feet, a matte funnel for pouring water and a lid. The special recess is provided for installing the cartridge inside the funnel. Therefore, it is easy to install and fix it with a slight twisting motion.

What’s inside the cartridge?

The water filtration is carried out using a mesh that holds mechanical impurities such as sediment and dirt. The water then passes through Ecomix filtration media, which purifies the water. Ecomix is a filter mixture, each component of which is intended to solve a specific water problem.

ecomix filter

ecosoft dewberry filter jug uses

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