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Commercial Water Filters

Commercial Water Filters from CWS

Commercial Water Filter UnitsCeltic Water Solutions offers a variety of efficient, reliable and sustainable solutions to industrial, and commercial applications. Commercial companies such as hotels, restaurants, bars and smaller industrial companies are big water consumers. A business with clean, conditioned water is a business that saves time and money. We supply a large stock of filters and housing from 4″ to 40″ So whatever your water filter requirement, rest assured CWS has the soloution for you.

Filtration is used in many applications throughout the commercial sector;

  • Remove suspended solids from water, coarse particles to colloids
  • Absorb and remove colour, unpleasant taste and odours, as well as organic contaminants
  • Remove iron, manganese, arsenic and other heavy metals
  • Neutralise water acidity
  • Remove ammonia through accelerated nitrification in biological filters

The appropriate media and chemical conditioning should be selected for the specific application.

Sediment Filtration

CWS stock an extensive range of commercial and industrial sediment filter housings, filter cartridges and bags. Our experienced and knowledgeable technicians will assist you on choosing the most suitable filter type for your required application.

Iron/ Manganese Removal, Multimedia Filters

Celtic Water Solutions commission, service and repair all Iron and Manganese and Multimedia Systems. We provide a number of standard, proven technologies in removing iron and manganese form water. Any capacity can be catered for, ranging from small systems for humidifiers, water heaters, boilers etc. and large volume systems for hospitals, hotels, factories and group water schemes, all systems are fully automatic and use the best materials available. With our background in water chemistry, we will ensure the correct design is selected for your requirements.

Self-Cleaning Water Filters

Self-cleaning filters are a highly flexible, versatile and economical solution for addressing small water filtration problems. They are commonly used as a barrier against suspended solids to protect sensitive equipment. CWS have an extensive range of automatic self-cleaning filters in a variety of sizes, orientations, and to varying degrees of filtration in order to accommodate any demand. Custom design solutions are available for unique applications. Our range of self-cleaning water filters are most cost-effective, produce less wastewater, and will not interrupt main system flow during the cleaning cycle.