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For more than 20 years, CWS has worked behind the scenes to provide businesses with quality drinking water, improve operation efficiencies, keep water safe and prevent the spread of water borne diseases. And today we’re doing more than ever before.

CWS offers specific solutions for a wide variety of industries, regardless of the existing water quality and the needs the water ultimately has to satisfy. From restaurants and hotels to manufacturing facilities, our experts help them meet their water challenges.

Every customer challenge is unique, which is why we partner with clients in their facilities, providing personalized consultation and service.

Explore What CWS Can Do For Your Business

cws duplex water softener

Commercial Water Softeners

CWS offers high performance industrial and commercial softeners that deliver several important benefits to our clients such as improved system performance, extended equipment life, reduced operating & maintenance costs.

Our range of water softeners come with a fully adjustable expandable control valve that can be set up in duplex, triplex or progressive flow configurations.

ecosoft commercial reverse osmosis series

Commercial Reverse Osmosis

Designed to meet demanding commercial and industrial applications, reverse osmosis systems from CWS offer a cost-effective & sustainable solution to delivering high purity water. No matter the size of your business, we will have the right solution for you.

Our reverse osmosis systems deliver high flow rates ranging from 1000 litres/day to 24000 litres/day depending on your requirements.

office water coolers CWS

Water Dispensers & Bottle Fillers

Promote hydration at work and reduce your carbon footprint with our sustainable hydration solutions.

Designed to provide convenient drinking water, our water coolers & bottle fillers come in a variety of sizes and designs to complement any home or office. All you need is a mains supply with adequate pressure and what you get is an endless supply of chilled bottled-like drinking water.

tank cleaning CWS

Water Tank Cleaning & Disinfection

Neglected & dirty water tanks provide ideal thriving conditions for harmful bacteria such as Legionella & E.Coli. Water tanks must be inspected & cleaned periodically to prevent proliferation of legionella bacteria.

Our water tank cleaning service includes internal and external inspections, physically cleaning & disinfection using high-quality chemicals.


Hand Hygiene Kits

We help solve the problem of training in hand hygiene techniques by bringing training into the workplace environment. Our hand hygiene training products can drive fundamental improvement to your organisation’s infection control. 

Reduce the incidence of HCAIs and their financial impact on your organization. We supply HSE, local authorities, infection control specialists and schools with an unrivalled range of hand hygiene training products.

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